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RinR: That One Time I Met Kerri Walsh and was Super Cool About It the title of another blog, set in the future, about an event that has not happened. Because it certainly does not describe what happened to me on Sunday.

84 – hey now, hey now, dont dream its over.

my first season of coaching volleyball is over, and one of my parents asked me "are you excited for all your free time?" I answered "well, actually I don't want it." and it was kind of funny, but mostly serious. I'm... Continue Reading →

82 – Look at all the fancy things!

So it was pouring rain, I was running to my car at the end of my last vball practice, and I had a bunch of keys and bags and things in both hands. I threw my stuff into my trunk,... Continue Reading →

81 – Wednesdays are…in the middle of the week.

I'm behind a day! Yesterday, I got an email from excusing me from writing a daily blog because the site was down. I was kinda glad because I'd had a MAJOR vball day...we beat this unbeatable team, Valley, in... Continue Reading →

76 – Lent, St. Paddy’s, Chocolate, Vball, bloobidyblah!

This started as a New Year's Resolution....more like a dare, to write a blog or a something every day. Let me tell you....76 written entries of my thoughts/thoughtlessness is a LOT of time, creative energy, etc. I'm a bit running out... Continue Reading →

62 – Coaching Diaries: Pushing past the tough loss

The ball dropped for the final point, and it wasn't the major leagues of any sport, it wasn't the final game of the season, it's just junior high girls volleyball, but oh it hurt to lose this one. And when one... Continue Reading →

Top 10 – Reasons why I love Coaching

This is my first year coaching, and I've taken the girls vball team under my wings. And I love it. Lovelovelove it. Ten Reasons Why 10. I love teaching, but sometimes, I don't think I'm so great at teaching. I... Continue Reading →

What lies ahead…

A four-day weekend faces me. My first career win as a volleyball coach happened today. I just took a bubble bath and drank a deliciously cold Sierra Nevada. I have almost figured out how to use twitter and am anxiously... Continue Reading →

Vball! First game!

I am sitting on the couch, eating and drinking my feelings. They are good feelings, but rather hard to verbalize, and so I am using conversation hearts to help me. Lol, love u, and good 4 U. That about sums... Continue Reading →

The lost art of renting a movie

When we were very little, my sisters and I walked to the movie store with my mom. It was just down the street from our house. As we were leaving out the door, a man flashed us. I didn't see... Continue Reading →

33/365.25 – Vball baby!

I LOVE coaching! I had my first practice today...and my girls ROCK!!! They aren't the tallest, but seriously athletic, fast, and I love that they have such a positive attitude about everything. I'm really competitive (surprise) and I know they... Continue Reading →

31/365.25 – The first cut is the deepest

One of my sweetest sixth graders was so nervous about the tryouts, that she packed her own healthy lunch, with some whole wheat pasta in a thermos, so she would have the carbo-loading necessary to prepare herself properly for tryouts.... Continue Reading →

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