brian19A four-day weekend faces me. My first career win as a volleyball coach happened today. I just took a bubble bath and drank a deliciously cold Sierra Nevada. I have almost figured out how to use twitter and am anxiously awaiting Brian Wilson‘s response to the tweet poem I sent him. Two movies have been rented, I changed the sheets on my bed, the rain taps lightly on the skylight, I am in my puppy pajamas set. Life is good, really really good.

I am so proud of my volleyball team. For starters, we played in gym that was carpeted. Yes, you read that correctly. A gym. With carpet. I….I am speechless. For once. The lines for the vball court were taped down. But, I can’t really complain, because my school doesn’t even have a gym. So. There you go.

It was also a much bigger gym than we were used to, and it seemed to swallow all sound and make it very scary to talk. My girls weren’t chatting as much as they usually do…it was like we were moving through molasses. Of course, no strange carpeted gym or super weird referee (what is it about refs that makes them so weird? Is it a qualifier in the job application process?) can stop me from yelling and screaming. Eventually my girls caught on.

Opposed to Tuesday’s game, where we missed 18 serves (!!!!) today we didn’t miss a single serve! And we are such good passers and so aggressive at the net that we just killed them. It got to the point where we started feeling bad…and not even cheering for our awesome plays! Which made me love my team any more, because they were more concerned about how the other team was feeling than celebrating our success. Adorable little chickies!

So we ended the week on a fabulous note. Love the “W” by our record in my coach’s binder. And now for four days off! God bless Presidents of the USA. Of course, because I have four days off of school and am determined to sleep in, I will most likely wake up at 630am tomorrow morning. Actually, I’m going to bet  more on 6:45 am, because thats when I overheard my roomie tell her boyfriend she was waking up tomorrow, and I can hear every step she stomps in the morning.

Cell phone alarm goes off, check. She marches to bathroom, check. Bathroom light goes on with automatic loud fan, check. Crunchy cereal into bowl without milk, check. Microwave a mug for hot tea, stomp back to room, check. Rachel stares at ceiling and curses existence, check.

With so many free days, I feel obligated to do something meaningful with them. My soul wants to say “Hike Mt. Diablo! Plant a tree! Drive to Oregon! Finish that scrapbook of Europe from five years ago! Go out dancing every night!” But as I get older, somehow the thought of actually completing a to-do list, with more inane entries like “Mop! Vacuum! Grade papers! Clean fridge!”  is starting to outweigh my sense of adventure and spontaneity. Also, when its raining, my first instinct is to snuggle up on the couch and drink tea and watch a billion movies I’ve already seen a billion times, pausing only to text random “I love yous!” to people that pop up in my head.

So I put this out to the world: if I wake up tomorrow and its sunny, I will do one awesome thing tomorrow. If its raining, I will do chores, grade papers, pick up my meds, work out, and all my other boring day to day.

Stay tuned. It could be incredible.

Or….totally anticlimactic.