Do you ever think about names, what they mean, initials? What you’ll name your future children? i have a couple of names picked out for mine…I like the middle name “danger,” and “bandit.” And obviously their last name will be Wilson.

My principal’s initials spell “GAS.” His first son’s spell out “PMS.” I had a friend in high school who had no middle name, and her initials were “B” and “O.” Sometimes, as a parent, you should probably think those things through!

My name is Rachel Weight. My last name is something….different. I’ve never met anyone with a name like it. It is a really hard name to understand when you just read it…every time I go to the doctor’s office, the nurse looks at it on my chart as we’re walking back to triage, and asks how to pronounce it. I’m always like….”weight” has got to be a word that a nurse sees and says and knows like four hundred times a day.

Growing up a chubby kid, I got made fun of all the time. “How much DO you weigh, Rachel Weight? bahahaha!” I vividly remember one jerkhole in first grade telling me to get off the swings because I probably “weight”ed too much. i was new at the school. I ran straight to the bathrooms to cry. I have never liked that kid since, and i went to junior high and high school with him. Its really stuck with me. I’ve even told that story to my small group at school to demonstrate the importance of first impressions!

Do you think kids grow into the names you give them? I think if you name a kid something like “Rock” or “Cash” or “Lincoln” they grow up to be cool. And I was thinking about how in movies, the girls are always named things like Grace or Emma or “Charlotte,” nicknamed Charlie, and is a total tomboy until the music comes on and her hair comes down and is a bombshell.

K thats it. I’m tired. Nothing interesting today.

Here’s a joke.

What’s green and has wheels?

grass. I lied about the wheels.