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Childhood Diaries should Self-Destruct

"I told a big lie to mean old mom about drinking the apple juice! She sent me to my room anyway." "Gma bought me a Nintendo for Christmas, I just know it." "Janice told me I was her best friend... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries: The Little Things

As a teacher, many images come to mind when I think of things that may "define" me. You can probably think of them, too. Meetings, emails, grading papers, ink all over my hand, students, brown bag lunches, the copy machine,... Continue Reading →

I is Kind. I is Smart. I is Important.

When you're a child, you spend most of your time drawing attention to yourself. From your parents, siblings, friends. I teach junior high, and the whole thing is one big competition. It's all "look at me and what I did!"... Continue Reading →

HowGirlsWork: Things Never to Say to a Woman

I work as a junior high teacher. This morning, as I walked in, clearly hustling from the parking lot, arms full of various bags, freshly make-upped, haired, clothed in what I *thought* was a cute outfit, a mom I normally adore... Continue Reading →

262: I wish pigs could have beards.

Today in two of my classes, mostly to kill time, I asked the children to write down their wishes on "magic paper" that they were going to translate sentences on. I love when I have time to peek into their... Continue Reading →

110 – Teacher Diaries: Update and Toegate

Toegate Update - Day Eight - By Miss Weight - so much rhymage!!!!! So, my toe is all growed up from a bad bruise to a hematoma!! Which sounds like a tumor but its not a tumor. Its just a... Continue Reading →

TuesdayTop10 – Reasons I <3 Teaching Junior High Girls

10. They are so cute to watch grow up and navigate becoming little women. Some try too hard to get there too fast, and I have to explain the difference between a classy and a terrible application of eyeliner. Not... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries: Wait – you don’t live at school??

I remember being in junior high, at Fuddruckers after a night at youth group, and seeing two of my teachers eating dinner together. No, not just eating dinner together, on a date. She was the Home EC teacher who gave... Continue Reading →

What’s in a name

Do you ever think about names, what they mean, initials? What you'll name your future children? i have a couple of names picked out for mine...I like the middle name "danger," and "bandit." And obviously their last name will be... Continue Reading →

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