Today in two of my classes, mostly to kill time, I asked the children to write down their wishes on “magic paper” that they were going to translate sentences on. I love when I have time to peek into their weird little hearts and minds and the funny things they come up with.
Some of my favorites:

I wish to have a magical pet unicorn.
I wish to be the best big sister to my siblings.
I wish to find a kitten.
I wish to have a milkshake.
I wish to fly.
I wish I wasn’t lactose intolerant.
I wish I could bungee jump!
I wish to have a best friend who will always have my back.
I wish to be sinless and to live with God forever.
I wish for a panda bear that hits homeruns and makes me lots of money.
I wish for a grey guitar.
I wish for a happy life. and to be better at Latin.
I wish to meet Justin Bieber.
I wish pigs could have beards.
I wish I had cake.
I wish my hamster didn’t die, and that I might have some Starbucks right now. Specifically a carmel machiatto, stirred, with whipped cream.
I wish I was more confident.
I wish to become a famous author for Christian teens.
I wish the volleyball team will get 1st in the tournament. Wait! That isn’t a wish…it’s a VISION.

Carly has been gone for a year. I can’t believe it…it still takes real thought to understand that it has actually happened and life goes on and we try to be better people, more intentional, more loving in the reality of losing someone so incredible. I’m trying to be happy instead of miserable about it, because knowing Carly made me happy. We became best friends in junior high, and did some incredibly silly things together in that time, so I thought it was only appropriate that I have a good day with my students, teaching them how to crimp their hair, talking about wishes and dreams on “magical paper,” eating goldfish crackers with them at the cool blue tables at lunch, and gossiping about which boys are going to be cute when they grow up. (“But right now, they’re just terrible, Miss Weight!” To which I reply,  “honestly…they mature only slightly more with time.”)

I also found this today from a sweet student who also plays on my volleyball team:

So…maybe today will end up okay.