I am sitting on the couch, eating and drinking my feelings. They are good feelings, but rather hard to verbalize, and so I am using conversation hearts to help me. Lol, love u, and good 4 U. That about sums it all up. And a wine titled “Vixen” is helping. Rawr.

We had our first volleyball game today! My girls were smokin. Unfortunately, the other team was pretty good, too. We ended up losing 19-25, 25-21, 15-17. So, so so close. I couldn’t be prouder of them as their coach, though. They played tough, they hustled, got a touch on every ball. Yay! We didn’t let anything drop and they were up to hit every single ball. I love that. They are getting so aggressive and they’ve got this fire in them that’s starting to light up and want to take it to the next level. And its only the first game! We have some things to work on, but its actually a relief to start the season with clear ideas of how to get better, and a hunger for that win still lingering in the air. My girls cheered for every point, played with class, and kicked some butt. Great game. I love volleyball.

It was maybe the anxiety of waiting all day for the game, and the close score, and the Redbull and like twelve  cups of coffee, but after the game I was shaking all over and not sure if I was going to laugh or cry or collapse. I came home and went on a really fast walk for three miles and ate candy and noodles. Its crazy what adrenaline and emotion does to effect your ability to make wise decisions. I’m not even watching “gLee” tonight (!!!).

My first game my first year of coaching is over! And it was great. I love having a clipboard and watching the girls use a skill I taught them at practice, or work past a bad call or a tough loss and having a great attitude. And I love keeping stats and my ears are still ringing from the girls cheers over every little point, and the laughter from a girl who was letting a ball go over her head and out…aaaaaand it hit her in the head. Classic. And now the plan is to get in the bubble bath and read a book and let the world fade away…