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to all the roomies i’ve loved before

at the time, taking a picture in a dirty mirror made sense. I’ve never lived alone. I grew up the oldest of several siblings, then college ushered in a series of roommates. Including my brief stint in the sorority house,... Continue Reading →

therapy: a one way ticket. dogs.

The pictures confirmed the image I was forming of just how much smaller and more compact my life was going to be living in Hong Kong. They showed a tiny furnished bedroom, and a living room you could juuuust about... Continue Reading →

Rachel in Rio: Too Tired for a Title

i feel like im in an experiment to discover how much snot the human body can produce. or how much tea the human body can consume in one day. the sweet nectar of dayquil and nyquil are taking me back... Continue Reading →

RinR: This Week’s Dream

Highlights of the week: One last beach night with the loves. It's been record low temperatures here in Rio - like high 50s F, which makes us FREAK OUT. I legitimately don't have enough clothes for this situation. But we... Continue Reading →

Carolina Diaries: Finding a New Home

Anyone who has ever used Craigslist to find a new roommate or a new place to live knows that it's a crapshoot. Once someone came to our interview saying she was really glad I had laundry machines, because "I just hate... Continue Reading →

domestic fail (304)

i've lived out of my parents' house for the better part of ten years, and think i do pretty well. but there are things that I completely fail at, and generally all the female roommates i have ever known fail at,... Continue Reading →

265: friday night

Friday, my darling, we meet again at last. All week I wait anxiously for your return, so that we may steal away together. Will I dress up for you, curl my hair, wear those heels? Or are we staying in... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Things I <3 about being Alone.

I have been psychologically tested by online surveys and surprise surprise.... I'm an extrovert!!!! From the Latin "extr-" meaning "out of" and "vert" meaning "to turn." So I like to "turn it all about." I am a human hokey-pokey. If you... Continue Reading →

116 – Things I’ve learned from Roommates – Part 2

We're looking for a new roomie. L, best friend and roommate, is leaving the paradise of Concord to go teach in Brazil. SUCH a weird choice! Concord...Brazil....don't know how she could have settled on Brazil. So I am back to... Continue Reading →

109 – Things I’ve learned from Roommates – Part 1

There is a famous quote that says "hell is living with other people." I believe in the concept of Hell, and I've definitely had my share of roomates. And there have been times that I could totally agree with this... Continue Reading →

What lies ahead…

A four-day weekend faces me. My first career win as a volleyball coach happened today. I just took a bubble bath and drank a deliciously cold Sierra Nevada. I have almost figured out how to use twitter and am anxiously... Continue Reading →

Every thing I did today that I can remember before work. (41)

I got up after hitting the snooze button on my cell phone. find slippers shuffle shuffle groan flip on heater. bathroom. I was surprised that I had the bathroom to myself. This was because I normally pee while M is... Continue Reading →

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