I got up after hitting the snooze button on my cell phone. find slippers shuffle shuffle groan flip on heater. bathroom. I was surprised that I had the bathroom to myself. This was because I normally pee while M is washing her face or brushing her hair. She gets up much earlier than me to eat crunchy cereal. She ice-skates on her footed pajamas to the kitchen, pours cereal, no milk, skates back to her room, gets back in bed, and eats cereal and reads her Bible. I call it “skating” because I’m almost certain she never lifts her feet off the ground. I know this routine by heart, even though I have never been awake to personally witness it, because I can hear absolutely every single thing she or anyone does in my house, even before I rise from my bed.

By the time I wake up, it is normally about 7:10, and she is on to the “getting ready” part of her routine. And I just want to pee. But today I got lucky and I got to pee by myself!  Then I shuffled to the kitchen, where, God bless technology, the pre-scheduled coffee is ready to go. I’ve been using some Pete’s coffee lately. Not sure I like it. It is very dark, and something about it being so dark makes me think its going to give me chest hair or a deep voice. Its very manly coffee. It takes an obscene amount of my fat-free French Vanilla generic Coffeemate to bring it down to a nice, drinkable, creamy color.

Then I plugged in my curlers (wow i sound like an old lady). Then I washed my face. Roommate still wasn’t up, and I thought maybe she was calling in sick. Then I thought maybe she had slept through her alarm. Then I stood at her door for a few anxious minutes debating whether to wake her up, or text her, or let her sleep because she is sick? I was stumped. I decided to go to my room and turn on some music and think about clothes to wear.

Then I ironed some pants! This is big news, because I never iron anything. If it might need ironing, I won’t buy it. Or I’ll only wear it once, hang it up while I’m taking a shower, and hope that somehow miraculously erases wrinkles.

Then I picked out a blue sweater. Then I realized that almost all my clothes are solid colors. Hm. Then I put on a bird necklace. Then I put on makeup. Concealer, powder, bronzer, brown eyeshadow, mascara, lipgloss. Then, instead of spraying perfume on, I accidentally grabbed my leave-in conditioner and sprayed that all over myself, several times, because I couldn’t smell it, so I kept spraying, until I looked down and realized…oh. oh I smell like hair.


Coffee refill!

Curlers in, curling iron on rest of hair, yellow shoes on, volleyball bag packed, salad packed for me and one for Cindy, my secretary and bff at work, who had a very sad looking Lean Cuisine meal yesterday so I had decided to bring her the yummy taco salad I made. Those raviolis looked so plastic and pathetic, and Cindy is so sunshine and fun. She deserved a salad that said “this is fantastic food I’m eating right here.” The peppers alone took me like 45 minutes to chop. Very high maintenance vegetables, bell peppers. Delicious salad.

Then I checked work email, facebook, blog, bank account, personal email, and then somehow started looking at pictures of someone from high school on facebook, then started to update my ipod….do you ever find yourself getting ready in the morning, and you look at the clock and you have way more time than you thought you did, so you think you’ll do a little project, like clean something “really quick” and then all of a sudden you’re ten minutes late? yeah. yeah that is so me.

so then i was running late for work. Roommate 1 had by this time gotten up and gotten ready in a hurry, as she had, in fact, slept through her alarm. She had already left. Doot dee doo.

Other roommate was heading out the door, we shared a brief conversation about her very eventful week, and I got so caught up in carrying two salads out to the car that I forgot my volleyball stuff and had to run back in.

Then I drove to work. Because I had left so late, all the timings on the stoplights were different. I could not make a green light to save my life. BUT somehow, by the time I was in the last turning lane at the last light before I pulled into the school parking lot, I was lined up with my two besties from work. That was pretty neat. And when I saw one of them later in the day, she said that when she had looked in the rear view mirror at me waving at her, she didn’t recognize who I was because my face looked skinny.

And if that doesn’t just make your day, then I don’t know what. By “make your day,” I of course mean, that it made my day. which it did.

anyway, great day. This is what happened from 7am-8:30am. It is now 10:15pm and time for a bubble bath and a glass of wine that is a leeettle old tasting, but…better drink it before its actually old. :)