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Coming Home-ish

home is sitting in the backseat while my dog helps my grandma drive. I’ve lived abroad for five years (six if you count the flash year I lived in North Carolina (much of the South could qualify as another country,... Continue Reading →

Weekly Win(e)d Up

Favorite Moment: I just had a truly glorious, free, loud, relieving sneeze. It made me so happy. If I could do that every hour, on the hour…nay, if the whole world could feel such joy in a sneeze, we would... Continue Reading →

HowGirlsWork: Hot Fudge and Breakups.

It might only be six pm, but the feelings say it is time for dessert. So I got out the fudge sauce, and noticed there were instructions on it, two sets actually. I found them kind of funny. The first... Continue Reading →

Today I Got Old.

birthdays held significance when we were young. i wanted nothing more than to be 13 - a teenager. then the next goal was 16 - driving. then 21 - drinking. and then....? as far as i knew, you just slowly... Continue Reading →

The One Where I Move Back Home for a Bit

I am moving to North Carolina in TWO DAYS. As my lease ended in June, I've had to haul my life to my gracious mother and step-father's house, and pretend to not feel awkward about it for the last two... Continue Reading →

29 – Birthday Reflections

Another birthday has come and gone...I entered the last year of my twenties struggling to wake up in a hotel room in a casino. That sounds much more exciting than the reality, which is that I was waking up at... Continue Reading →

domestic fail (304)

i've lived out of my parents' house for the better part of ten years, and think i do pretty well. but there are things that I completely fail at, and generally all the female roommates i have ever known fail at,... Continue Reading →

Birthday Blues

I am feeling sorry for myself. I am wallowing. This year is my Golden Birthday. So many people have no idea what that means that I am wondering if I made it up, but it means I will be 28... Continue Reading →

Guide for Guys: How to Get a Girl in 10 Days

Most men will complain that women are complex, complicated creatures. And I agree that we are like a many layered onion...layer built upon layer, each more delicious and intense than the last...but honestly, when it comes down to it, I... Continue Reading →

TeacherDiaries: How to have a Great Parent/Teacher Conference

Today I had roughly sixty parent/teacher conferences. Some with both parents present, some with the child present. Most were fanTAStic. Some were awkward. One was horrifying. And I thought to myself, "Self, some of these parents need some loving (or... Continue Reading →

Procrastinate NOW. Don’t put it off.

"hmmm....Ke$ha's bowl looks dirty....she looks she dead?" (tap on glass) "nopenope not dead. I bet she wants me to clean her bowl. poor fishie. I have so much work to do but...I better take care of this right. now. I... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Things I Wish I could tell 16 year old Me

I read a quote once that says its not fair that we have to live life backwards. If we had the wisdom of the elderly and "de-aged" if you will back into younger years, we might appreciate life more. We'd... Continue Reading →

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