We’re looking for a new roomie. L, best friend and roommate, is leaving the paradise of Concord to go teach in Brazil. SUCH a weird choice! Concord…Brazil….don’t know how she could have settled on Brazil. So I am back to prowling Craigslist ads to try to find the cheese to my macaroni, in roomie form. Or at the very least, someone who will pay rent and buy TP every now and then. Of course, I spend a few minutes browsing the ads for girls looking for a new home, and two hours later I find myself browsing “Missed Connections” in SF for a laugh, or pondering a career in Marketing in the UK or Argentina.

Its hard to write the ads for a new roommate…I’m not sure how people found them before the days of the internet machine, but we’re going back to Craigslist to find Miss Right. This is scary thought, because that’s how we found “she-who-must-not-read-this-blog” former roommate, who turned out to be a bit of a nutjob, (ie rearranging furniture and hiding my things, eating our food, accusing me of shopping at Target too much, accusing friends of being pregnant, kissing my guy friends, etc.)

She started off great in the beginning…we went to church together, on walks to the park, we went to karaoke, we gardened, she liked to clean, we drank wine and watched jane austen films. And then she slowly unraveled. The kicker was that she was a therapist! Which apparently meant she had the gift of saying exactly the most painful thing ever to anyone at anytime.

Writing the ad is kinda weird…how do you describe your home? Our house is adorable, and I don’t want to leave. Especially not my garden and laundry and tiny cozy room….its getting down to the wire to find someone, but I still don’t feel desperate enough to let any old Jane Doe move in just because she can pay the rent. I’ve done enough living with strangers. L has been more than a roommate, she’s a best friend, and I don’t necessarily need a new BFF right away, but there are some pretty big shoes to fill. And I’ve also learned a lot about the kind of people I like to live with. So a really honest ad might read something like:

“Single Christian gal looking for new roomie to share a cute home with! Do you like Target and the Dollar Store? Mexican food? Do you like to be outside in the garden for a glass of wine after a hard day of work (which is almost everyday?) Do you like kids jokes and romantic comedies? Is your favorite kind of cake Rainbow Chip?? My new roomie could be you!! Big plus if you don’t have a ton of weird friends and family that come over, and if you wouldn’t mind helping me clean and buying household supplies, I would be really grateful. Also I have a weird thing with needing the numbers on the microwave to be cleared, and closet doors to be shut. So, I hope that’s cool. HUGE plus if you have cute clothes and shoes I can borrow, or if you could be the one in the house to kill bugs!! And if you have single male friends, you are the WINNER!!”


The girl that was supposed to come today bailed…so we’re back to square one. Wish us luck this week!