the smell of sunscreen as my perfume

never brushing my hair

sand between my toes

the buzz of bugs flying into string lights and tiki torches at night

free slurpee day at 711

campfires and jam sessions

paddleboating on the lake

the smell of barbeques in the neighborhood when i get home from work…i picture happy dads grilling and kids chasing dogs through sprinklers

singing flag with the sullivans and nu-nus remembering all the words to patriotic songs and feeling blessed to live in such a great country and such a great community

fireworks at baseball games

lots and lots of baseball games!

tank tops and short shorts and flip flops becoming my new uniform

staying outside until the wee hours of the morning

country music

little kid faces sticky with watermelon juice

bare feet

  • seeing my little brothers

napping in the park

summer solstice in santa barbara


making lists of things to accomplish and then going to the beach and doing nothing

not knowing what time it is or what day it is

happy hours every day…margaritas and chips and guacamole
laughing with our feet dangling off the diving board
lazy lazy lazy

mission trips to mexico to see old friends and make new..


flowers in your hair

flowy dresses

having time to write

air conditioning

all day movie marathons of films i’ve already seen a million times

bikinis instead of underwear

volleyball in the park

driving with the windows down

my tomatoes and cucumbers growing

sunshine shine shine shine shine shine shine