I got a twitter account on my iphone strictly to follow Giants players. Namely, Brian Wilson. Because I love him. I’ve been playing around with it, and I still am not sure what its for or how I use it. Is twitter just like text messaging the whole world at once? Updating my status on facebook takes enough mental energy and creativity, and on my twit I’m confined to 140 characters? CHARACTERS? I know brevity is the soul of wit, but…I’m a word nerd. I’ve got like a 1000 word minimum on my texts, and I like to have proper grammar and punctuation. 140 aint cutting it.

Plus the language is confusing. There are many symbols I don’t understand. I read the tweets and it looks like people are swearing at each other.

@#$ rt tomboy: yes, I love to eat vietnamese! ** :) @pandaexpress.

what does that even mean?!

And its a new internet phase lingo I must learn and learn how to use casually and with authority, but am really struggling with. As a Latin and Spanish teacher, I am really into knowing the tenses of verbs. But I can’t figure out what the past tense and present progressive of “to twitter” are.

Normally you would say “I twitter” “to twitter” “he twitters” “he has twittered.”

OR in Latin form, “I twitter” “to twitter” “I twittered” “twittered.”

OR do you say “I tweet,” “you tweet,” “we’re all self-obsessed.”

“What are you doing, Sally?”

“Oh, I’m just twittering. Yesterday I tweetered. Or twittered? Tweeteried?”

?! Its so improper and undefined! These are the thoughts that keep me up at night as a language teacher.

And so I am somewhat nervous around twitter. Unsure of its purpose and its uses. My sister Jenna set it up for me, and I’m sure she’s getting tired of my text messages:

“How do I follow someone’s twits? How do I know they got my tweeter? How can I block my students from tweetering with me? How do I make Brian Wilson text message me?”

She’s been patient thus far.

I retwittered Brian Wilson’s sweet wish that all women would have a nice Valentine’s Day with a picture of the letter that I wrote for him using candy hearts. As I’ve stated before, one of the many goals of this blog is to write so many entries related to my crush on him that eventually, if he were to google himself, my blog would pop up as the first go to.

Of course, I can’t tell if he’s seen it or tweetered back to me or WHAT. I anxiously await your response, sir! I have also twitted at Panda. In Spanish. eee!! :)

I know I’m just one of 40 thousand people who gets Brian’s tweeters, and one of thousands of girls who love him (like these punks who got a great idea before I did and put up a craiglist ad asking to party with bwils) but for some reason, I feel pretty calmly convinced that one day, he will also feel the hand of God and destiny and the fate of the human race pulling us together, and we will do something really cool like elope to Siberia and sleep in a yurt and wake up and run with wild Yetis and live off mountain goat milk or something awesome with a side of weird.

Brian and I are MFEO.

Brian, can you hear me?