Such a great article. Helpful for students, parents, and teachers! It breaks down a book that describes, in very user-friendly terms, how the brain of a child develops, the best ways to reach out and connect with that brain as educators and parents. The children that are growing up today live in a much different world than even just 26 years ago when I entered it. They engage in less physical activity, sit on the couch and watch more tv and video games, eat more processed food, etc. We can’t change society or the way that parents are raising their children, but as educators, we can bring awareness to the best ways to engage these students in the classroom.

I loved what it said about language learning needing to start before puberty, and the many benefits that come from learning a language!! YES!

Build a Better Brain –Delana S Of my huge stack of education books to read this year, I just finished Teaching with the Brain in Mind by Eric Jensen.  The author gives an easy to understand explanation of how the brain works and how to interpret brain research. He also provides educators, parents, and students with interesting and supported information on what improves learning and what does not.  Here are some thoughts and some quotes from this excellent resource: … Read More

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