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RacheltoRio: An Update, a Lock In, a Schedule.

Today I celebrate one month in Rio! And I am happy and I am at peace. It's not all rainbows and caipirihnas and capybaras, but I'm content for the first time in a year. I haven't cried in a month, which is a record... Continue Reading →

the teacher becomes the student…

Saturday is THE.DAY. CSET testing day. Five Hours. 162 multiple choice questions, 11 short essays, covering Columbus to genetics, quadratic equations to your mom, and everything in between. If I pass, things are great. If I don't....there will be ___________... Continue Reading →

159 – Monday Round Uppage

Fav moment of the day: When I took my high heels off and simultaneously sipped a sweet pinot grigio post-Back to School Night. It.was.Heaven. Things I did this weekend: hung out with my handsome and somewhat obnoxious friend El Rico... Continue Reading →

The 6245 crosses representing each American soldier who has died in the wars since 9/11

85 – 60 Day Challenge

So this resolution is getting haaaarderrr.....a blog a day? How could I have been so confident as to think I had 365.25 interesting things to say in 2011. To help me in the process, several people have sent me challenges... Continue Reading →

83 – a very merry unbirthday, to you!

tonight we went out in celebration of my roommate's bday...she is turning 29....for perhaps the second, third, or fourth time, and we still rocked it with presents, happy hour, dinner, and almost an hour at a divey bar with a... Continue Reading →

78 – um

Threw a bridal shower today. It was cool. Stressful but really nice. It was my first! Anyway I'm tiiiiihiiiired and have not much to say. Is it okay if this is a really lame post? I promise more tomorrow maybe... Continue Reading →

Build a Better Brain (via The Education Cafe)

Such a great article. Helpful for students, parents, and teachers! It breaks down a book that describes, in very user-friendly terms, how the brain of a child develops, the best ways to reach out and connect with that brain as... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries: 0…177…6!!! (translation: O…M…G!!!)

So I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but somewhere today in the middle of a lecture on the finer differences between transitive and intransitive verbs, I ended up teaching a classroom of seventh graders how to use...wait for it....Pager... Continue Reading →

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