tonight we went out in celebration of my roommate’s bday…she is turning 29….for perhaps the second, third, or fourth time, and we still rocked it with presents, happy hour, dinner, and almost an hour at a divey bar with a jukebox.

birthdays are a weird thing to think about in a cultural context. in america, it means “something” and yet nothing to turn 13. you are a teenager, you might have a tiny bit more responsibility, yes, but nothing drastically changes.

In under developing countries (is that the term du jour? I’m not sure.) the “coming of age” may come around the same technical year as one’s 13th birthday, but this turning implies the acceptance of a lot more “adult” activities, like the fire, water, food elements imperative to one’s family survival.

at any rate, we had a fantastic time. and now i go to bed to get up super early to go coach my volleyball team into some wins!! woo!! my contacts feel like they’re stuck to my eyeballs, im so tired, im so behind in grading…but coaching is the right thing to do right now. im actually quite excited to be in sweatpants all day, find a corner to curl up in, eating vending machine foods and gatorade all day, and watch a billion volleyball games.


night night, world

happy bday leana!! i heart you very much.