So this resolution is getting haaaarderrr…..a blog a day? How could I have been so confident as to think I had 365.25 interesting things to say in 2011.

To help me in the process, several people have sent me challenges or ideas. Feel free to add your own. I am quite amused. One is this “60 Day Challenge” piece that requires a photo and a fact story…I will be sprinkling these among the days when I actually have an original, creative thought about which to blog.

Today’s challenge, Day 01 – A picture of you and 15 facts about yourself.

A bit blah, but I couldn’t even have come up with that on my own.


Fifteen Facts:

1. I am drinking tea right now and i LOVE tea. Fact.

2. I am scared of fish, I dont like going into lakes or oceans because I can’t see them and I am worried one might touch me. I was kinda scared of this dolphin.

3. I really dislike messes and disorganization. I clean my room almost every day.

4. My favorite book is Jane Eyre.

5. My favorite color is mustard yellow.

6. I would really love to meet Julie Andrews, if someone could arrange that please.

7. My eye ball hurts.

8. I can’t say the words “animal” “tournament” or “ornament.” Something has gone haywire in my brain and I reverse the m’s and n’s. “Aminal.” My students make fun of me constantly.

9. I love to garden and wish that the rain would stop so I can plant some plants!! I have a bunch of flowers in pots outside on my porch, but with all the rain and hail I come outside in the morning and my sweet flowers have been beheaded. Sad face.

10. I hate talking on the phone.

11. I took my sixth grade year book picture in overalls. I just found it. It also looks like I had just cut my own bangs.

12. I gave up sweets for Lent and I shocked that I still haven’t caved. I have, however, dreamt about eating M & Ms. It was so vivid I woke up and was freaking out that I had eaten some in my sleep.

13. Whenever I sleep with my sister Sophie, I always talk in my sleep and wake her up and she gets mad at me.

14. I love gerber daisies.

15. The only thing I’m the “Duchess” of on is my church. For some reason, this is really really funny to me.

OKAY! I did it. Phew. Something posted. No one has to read this.