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Top 10 Ways the Technology is Sucking Out My Soul (and probably yours, too) (301)

10. GPS - I have a love/hate relationship with GPS. I remember fondly the days of getting the swim team roster and pulling out the Thomas Brothers mapbook, looking up the addresses of all the cute boys. I miss feeling my... Continue Reading →

I am describing now. (298)

Thought I'd offer a little update on this crazy little thing called "life." Thought I'd offer it in bullet points, with many photos. I am on vacation!! This is one week out of the year I am always thankful to... Continue Reading →

85 – 60 Day Challenge

So this resolution is getting haaaarderrr.....a blog a day? How could I have been so confident as to think I had 365.25 interesting things to say in 2011. To help me in the process, several people have sent me challenges... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries: Wow. That escalated quickly.

I love going out at night. And then I love waking up in the morning, grabbing my phone, and reliving the evening through surveying the damage caused on facebook and text messages sent when your two best friends steal your phone... Continue Reading →

Soup for you! …maybe…

Wandering through the florescent bright aisles of Safeway, wondering which can of tomatoes to get (stewed? diced? seasoned? unseasoned? mexican seasoned? italian seasoned? petite? what the what?!) and trying to decide between turkey and ground beef, 1 percent milk or... Continue Reading →

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