my little brother eating dog food. just for fun.

Thought I’d offer a little update on this crazy little thing called “life.”

Thought I’d offer it in bullet points, with many photos.

  • my students decorated my room before we left for break…they’re so cute sometimes.

    I am on vacation!! This is one week out of the year I am always thankful to be a teacher. It is very necessary to check out from the classroom and check back in with me. I stop being “Miss Weight” for a week and remember what it’s like to just be “Rachel.” Which is hard when I am constantly running into students (like shopping downtown today!) but staying up late, drinking wine on a weeknight, blogging into the wee hours of the night helps remind me of me. (I am describing now.)

  • I am almost done with my credential program! I am approximately 12 pages of reflection writing, one portfolio assembling, one RICA test, and some important signatures away from scholarly freedom. It never really ends, because the state of California apparently wants to suck your soul out before they allow you to be a real teacher, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t wait to let this huge weight fall off me.
  • I started a coaching job with a club volleyball team! 18s girls, assisting one of my best friends. We met at freshman year tryouts in high school. I am so excited for this new opportunity. We had our first practice tonight, and it felt so good to be yelling and throwing balls and high-fiving again. Although, the length of spandex these days is SCANDALOUS. I’m ready to hold an intervention.
  • My “cheese balls” pinterest fail.

    My sister and I have been Pinteresting! There are so many awesome Christmas crafts out there. You simply buy 80$ worth of supplies, ruin your kitchen with spray adhesive, glitter, and spray paint, burn yourself with your glue gun, and you have more junk in your house! Actually, we invented some cute crafts and had mild success with others. I keep trying to find something easy to do with all the wine and beer bottles that accumulate at my house…hmm….follow me on Pinterest!

    our pinterest invention!!!
  • I am obsessed with tzatziki sauce! I am trying to find the most amazing recipe ever. I am going through a tub a week. It’s bad. So I want to be able to make my own! If you know a good recipe, let me know.
  • I have been productive! Something I am really looking forward to with my grad school program ending is having time on the weekends to do projects around the house. This week, I have attacked my dresser and closet, donating clothes, shoes, books, movies to Goodwill like a crazy person. I like to purge and condense. It’s hard though…I tossed some old shirts from college and traveling that I realized I haven’t worn in years. I am tossing my Uggs that I have had since 2003 (since my sister referred to them as “colorless and matted”). But it feels good to say goodbye to old things. I have also vacuumed, and helped my roommates get rid of food that will rot while they are on vacation by eating it. Yay, string cheese! :)
  • I am spending Thanksgiving with my boyfriend’s family. O.m.g. That is probably worthy of an entire post. Stay tuned.
on our trip to palm springs two weeks ago

And that is all. I love being rested and feeling creative and inspired while on vacation. I love that I don’t have an alarm set for tomorrow. I love my new mint-colored thermal. I love having time to take twenty minutes to paint my toes, and update my Yelp reviews, and reminding myself not to check my work email.

And it’s only day one!