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15 Ways to Survive the Holidays when You are Single – an update

me doing the most me in HK There are seasons where I am happy beyond reason to be living and traveling through this life solo; making all my own plans and decisions, spending money on frivolous things with no one... Continue Reading →

15 Ways to Survive the Holidays When You’re Newly Single

John Mayer has this song called "St. Patrick's Day." The chorus goes like this: No way November will see our goodbye. When it comes to December, it's obvious why. No one wants to be alone at Christmas time. And come... Continue Reading →

How To Do Christmas Real Bad This Year

1. Be too embarrassed to come home and see family. Well, embarrassed is part of it - I've gained weight, couldn't get a real job, have no friends, and broke up with the man I thought I was going to... Continue Reading →

29 – Birthday Reflections

Another birthday has come and gone...I entered the last year of my twenties struggling to wake up in a hotel room in a casino. That sounds much more exciting than the reality, which is that I was waking up at... Continue Reading →

I am describing now. (298)

Thought I'd offer a little update on this crazy little thing called "life." Thought I'd offer it in bullet points, with many photos. I am on vacation!! This is one week out of the year I am always thankful to... Continue Reading →

Boxing Day! (224)

The day after Christmas is nuts. People talk about how stressed out the holidays make them, and then they have to "recover" from Christmas. I've definitely been feeling the sugar crash today but I had a fantastic Christmas! Here's a secret... Continue Reading →

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