w mis hermanas, xmas 2011

The day after Christmas is nuts. People talk about how stressed out the holidays make them, and then they have to “recover” from Christmas. I’ve definitely been feeling the sugar crash today but I had a fantastic Christmas! Here’s a secret on how to not be stressed out during the holidays: drink wine and don’t buy presents. Thats what I did this year and it was refreshing. I didn’t have to worry about parking spaces, money, finding time to wrap anything, or anyone liking what I got them. Because I just got them me. Families can be a little stressful to be around…my sisters and I always exchange a few “oh boy, is this what our future looks like?” glances. But you have to learn to laugh at how dysfunctional you all are and how loud the kids are and how old and deaf Grandma is.

me in a former life.

I got some brilliant gifts this year. My grandma replaced my stolen iPod, and had it engraved with “Thou Shalt Not Steal” on the back. Jenna worked really hard and made cute homemade gifts for everyone using Pinterest ideas. I hear fantastic things about that site but I’m not letting myself look until 2013 when my credential program is over. Sophia and my mom bought me a Kombucha home brewing kit and I’m really starting to turn into a moonshiner! I’ve brewed my own beer this year and it tasted amazing, and now I will start my own Kombucha farm. And I’m getting a camera that takes nice pictures, instead of the ones my current camera takes, with photos that make everyone look sweaty.

turns out it’s not this…

Today is Boxing Day in cultured places like Canada and England. Turns out this has nothing to do with hitting other people and it’s more like extended Christmas. You’re supposed to spend the entire day in pajamas and watch movies with your family. Or something like that. I’ve always celebrated this day and didn’t know! Except in my version, I enjoy my roommates’ absence, wear workout pants and ponder actually working out, and play with my Christmas presents. I’m wearing my neon pink fanny pack and marveling at how hands free I am. I’m deliberating which new DVD I should watch as I nap. I have no intention of showering.

 I’m also starting to debate my New Year’s Resolutions. It’s very trendy not to make any. I want to start a new trend, in which we all make ridiculous resolutions. So far, my first resolution is to tweet about every restroom I visit in 2012. Not the ones in houses, but in rest stops, restaurants, stores, etc. I decided to do this because I normally check twitter waiting in lines for places like bathrooms, so I thought I’d start a hashtag, “restrooms2012.” I’m not sure how, but I’m hoping this lands me a movie deal already.

This post had not much point…but it feels nice. Happy Day After Christmas Day!

Love, Rachel