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New Year

Hear Here in the New Year (308)

It's funny to think that man made up time. The way we organize it makes no sense - 60 seconds in a minute, 60 of those in an hour, 24 of those in a day, 7 of those in a... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Things. Maybe. Probably not.

Its trendy to make resolutions for the new year. Its so trendy to not make resolutions. I want to start a new trend. Ridiculous resolutions. Join me. My first is to tweet from every public restroom I visit for the... Continue Reading →

Boxing Day! (224)

The day after Christmas is nuts. People talk about how stressed out the holidays make them, and then they have to "recover" from Christmas. I've definitely been feeling the sugar crash today but I had a fantastic Christmas! Here's a secret... Continue Reading →

Top10Things I Loves about Christmas (223)

10. Tree! Lights! When my brother Jackson was younger, he said things in an adorable childlike way without "r"s and always had his thumb in his mouth, so everything came out warbled. I'll never forget a Christmas with him smooshed... Continue Reading →

222: Single for the Holidays – and Grateful for it

This week, when millions of single, childless twenty- and thirty-something professionals head back home for the holidays, is a funny time for those of us in that demographic. We're used to our own agendas, our own homes and apartments, a... Continue Reading →

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