It’s funny to think that man made up time. The way we organize it makes no sense – 60 seconds in a minute, 60 of those in an hour, 24 of those in a day, 7 of those in a week, 52 of those in a year, 365.25 days in a year…

ancient_Roman_CalendarNone of those numbers are related.

The history of our holidays and their formations can be even more interesting. Usually related to harvests, solstice, fertility, etc., before being tied with big moments in the church (clever Romans!).

When we come to the “new year,” we tend to make a big deal about resolutions, the idea of change and somehow convinced that on this particular day, we have more self-control and power over our actions. Enough to effect permanent change.

I’m tired of resolutions. I hate failing, and I’ve yet to keep a resolution, so it seems better to not have a go at it. This last year, in fact, I resolutely gained back the weight I’d lost, and ate less vegetables. So 2012 was a bit of “resolution fail.”

For 2013, I tossed around different ideas – each month I can try something new or give something up that seems to have been a stronghold. How about one month of no texting? One with no dairy? One with no TV (as long as it’s not during baseball season)?

But I didn’t really get organized in time.

we look just like this. all the time.
we look just like this. all the time.

My boyfriend and I (he against his will) made couple’s resolutions of things we’d like to do this year. We want to hike more, challenge each other in specific ways, and go wine-tasting and on other little adventures. I think it will be fun to cross that off.

Or lose the paper somewhere and never think of it again.

This year had it’s highs. I finished my credential program, coached a historical winning volleyball team, learned how to snowshoe, sang in weddings, helped people give birth, traveled around the US, began my fourth year of teaching, and fell in love with a best friend, in what could be the relationship of our lifetimes.

There was lots of struggles, too. Three deaths in the family, two of which were completely life-altering. Many personal struggles with my place of employment and my vocation. The ubiquitous family and friends and roommates drama that controls the life of the 20-something. Feeling led away from the church I’ve attended since I was a toddler.

IMG_4692This year I found Pinterest, and myfitnesspal, and reunited with Bejeweled Blitz. I climbed a volcano, led a mission trip, finally got paid to lead worship, and remembered how fun it was to date someone and make out. I brewed my own beer and my own kombucha, lived through the Mayan end of the world, learned I was allergic to mango, and made my first omelet.

I don’t know if we can judge what makes a year better or more valuable than another. But I do know that this year I will remember…

  • my dad’s phone call that my uncle jim had suddenly died
  • when on july 4th, i first heard “hi, I’m rachel’s boyfriend” as he introduced himself to my new roommate
  • teaching special ed in a title one school in pittsburg
  • meeting my favorite band of all time – better than ezra
  • holding my grandma’s hand as she died
  • teaching my little brothers camp songs on the drive from georgia to florida
  • my family’s “photo booth” on christmas eve
  • seeing three of my favorite people get married this year and getting to be a part of two of the weddings/engagements
  • taking my best friends to a giants game
  • the giants winning the world series again!
  • how the song “call me maybe” has ruled my life
  • the year I got two bouquets of anonymous roses on Valentine’s Day
  • boyfriend teaching me how to build a fire
  • finishing my credential program at the top of my class
  • my sister and i taking a sweet trip to yosemite
  • my last mission trip to mexico