So I was trying a new vocabulary exercise today in my 8th grade Latin class. We rolled a die (actually it was a virtual die I pressed on my smartboard) and there was a different activity assigned for each number on the die, and we had to do it for whatever word a student chose. For example, we rolled a 1 and had to draw a picture, 2 wrote a sentence, 3 wrote a synonym, etc.

The word that came up was “maritus” which means “husband.” For this word, I told the students that they had to write three sentences about how they would either be a great husband, or what they wanted in their dream husband.

Here are the results from the girls on their future dream husbands:

  •  Godly, loving, handsome.
  • He can cook, he is loving and puts others before himself, he is successful.
  • He’s godly, tall, and hot.
  • English: Taylor Lautner at 2009 Comic-Con Inte...I want my husband to be hot, also very strong and buys me anything I want. Also a Christian.
  • My husband is sweet and loving. He gives me roses everyday and lets me buy what I want. Also he is Taylor Lautner.
  • Smart, Christian, trustworthy.
  • My husband will be a baseball player. He will laugh and smile a lot. He will love to make me smile.

The boys said:

  • I will work all day. Buy chocolates. Buy flowers.
  • Discount Flower Delivery Detroit   3 Dozen Red...I shall make her breakfast in bed. I shall love her. I shall protect her soul.
  • I will be kind and loving. I will assist her with chores. I will work hard to provide for the family.
  • I will give her flowers. I will cook for her. I will be nice.
  • I will give her access to the bank account. I will love her unconditionally. I will love God.
  • I will give her flowers and bribe her to make me a sandwich.
  • I wouldn’t kill her. I wouldn’t sell her. I would allow her to breathe.

Sometimes my students are so wise.