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TeacherDiaries: YOLO. You Only Latin Once. (The one where I leave my job)

I started my unexpected teaching career with nothing: I didn't know Latin, I'd never taught, never even been in a private school, wasn't affiliated with the church...In my interview, I literally told the principal "I don't know why you'd hire... Continue Reading →

“It’s the hard that makes it great” dailyprompt: silver screen

There is a great moment in "A League of Their Own" (watch it here), when Dottie is planning on going back to Oregon with her husband Bob, and her manager confronts her about her choice: Jimmy Dugan: Shit, Dottie, if... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries: What a Husband Looks Like (according to junior highers)

So I was trying a new vocabulary exercise today in my 8th grade Latin class. We rolled a die (actually it was a virtual die I pressed on my smartboard) and there was a different activity assigned for each number... Continue Reading →

TeacherDiaries: How to give a good gift at Christmas (because I really can’t eat another cookie)

You know the scene - it's Christmas time (or "holiday tree time) and you want to show appreciation to your child's teacher. You want it to involve your child, be meaningful, maybe even fun. You want it to be cheap.... Continue Reading →


Do you ever say something and then think "where did that come from" because when you break it down, it sounds rather strange? That happens to me a lot. I find myself saying things to my students and they look... Continue Reading →

Brian Wilson – Always Epic omg. I just found a way to be even more creepy about how i love brian wilson. On the MLB Always Epic site, Brian talks to you, and then allows you to virtually touch his beard. I clicked on... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries – Moments in Junior High

It’s the end of the year, and I asked my students to write some reflections about our year together in Latin. Here are some of the cute or funny ones, that I will remember on a rainy day when students... Continue Reading →

Top 10 – Reasons why I love Coaching

This is my first year coaching, and I've taken the girls vball team under my wings. And I love it. Lovelovelove it. Ten Reasons Why 10. I love teaching, but sometimes, I don't think I'm so great at teaching. I... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries: Top Ten (and counting) signs Rachel should maybe not be a teacher…

1. I can't stop saying the word "sucks." And I'm pretty sure I said "hella" one time without realizing it. 2. Someone farted in the sixth grade class and I demanded to know who it was. (no one owned up)... Continue Reading →

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