It’s the end of the year, and I asked my students to write some reflections about our year together in Latin. Here are some of the cute or funny ones, that I will remember on a rainy day when students make me want to cry, and if you’re a teacher, you’ll probably relate to all the crazy things that can happen in your classroom, the memories that they will have. Which often have nothing to do with what you actually teach.

My favorite memory from Latin class this year is…

  • When someone passed gas and Miss W locked him out of the room for the rest of the period.
  • When Liam and Zach sang a Justin Bieber song to Miss W for her birthday and she teared up.
  • When Miss W. decided we should create a Ninja Elite Task Force and we had ninja tryouts at lunch.
  • When Miss W. decided to see if she was allergic to cherries by actually eating the. Then she WAS allergic, so the secretary had to come and she spoonfed her Benadryl in front of the class like a baby.
  • When I finally got an A on a Latin test!
  • Thinking of names for Miss W’s future fish and she said whoever came up with the winning name would be the fish’s godfather and in charge of its spiritual growth and had to buy her baptism presents.
  • When the Giants’ won the world series and we learned Latin sentences about victory because Miss W is obsessed with them.
  • I liked the “Be Nice to Hayden Day,” when Miss W made us all cover up one eye for the whole period because he only has one good eye, so we had to see what it was like to be half-blind.
  • When Miss W’s sister gave us tiger’s blood to drink at lunch.
    • (note – it was supposed to look like human blood…it was an anatomy lesson. Made of soda, we promise!)

I like Latin because…

  • I learn lessons and words that I will use for the rest of my life. Also, the walls smell good and Miss W is the best!
  • Miss W. knows our brain capacity and gives us the perfect amount of time on each chapter. And because she makes us sing silly songs.
  • Miss W is funny! PS I Love justin Bieber!! Go purple!!
  • Miss W teaches it and she loves to teach us she is so smarty.
  • I learned that not all language teachers are unfun, grumpy, old and mean! Miss W is fun and great.
  • In high school I’m taking ASL and then I can communicate with Latin-speaking deaf people.

My advice to incoming junior high Latin students is…

  • Sing the chants when she tells you to, otherwise she will make you sing them by yourself.
  • Don’t be sarcastic to Miss W. you will never win! And do your homework because it puts Miss W in a good mood.
  • Love the Giants and Fear the Beard!
  • do your homework, be prepared for lethal attacks of laughter, and do NOT fart in class.