omg. I just found a way to be even more creepy about how i love brian wilson. On the MLB Always Epic site, Brian talks to you, and then allows you to virtually touch his beard. I clicked on it a few times to watch Sasquatch roam through his beard and some people playing fiddles, and then I just went back to where you may stroke his beard. If you stay still, he looks deep into your eyes and hypnotizes you.

He had a bit of a rough day today….playing the cubbies and he blew a save when Aramis Ramirez sliced a homer off him. We ended up losing. Blah. Now Giants are 46-36…still in first but off to Detroit. Ay!

I’ve been tweeting @Brianwilson38 and dying for a tweet back…that is so bucket list material.

There are clearly many people out there with comparable if not quite equal obsessions or questions about Brian….specifically about his tattoo. I get a couple hundred blog hits a week with people wanting to know about it.

As I’ve mentioned before and then again and then some more his tattoo is in Latin, and I’m a Latin teacher, so I can read it without the google machine, which I’m preeeetty sure means we’re supposed to get married. It says “In Nomine Patris” which means “in the name of the father.” Pater is father in Latin, and the -is ending is of the genitive case, which indicates possession.

I’m not sure why Brian chose to have this in Latin, other than it makes it super cool and looks really hot across his chest. Its something used in Catholic masses that still hold services in Latin, “in nomine patris et filli et spiritus sanctis” – “in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” So it could be a shout out to his Christian faith. He’s so dreamy. You can see it pretty well here. I love him in the v-neck, which shows off the tat beautifully, although it does say “I’m a d-bag who lives in the Marina.”

Doesn’t matter. I love you. Call me.

Here’s another video…really old one, with a pretty good shot of his shoulder tattoo at the end, although you need to wade through all the awkward to get to it:

GiantsGiantsGiantsGiants fo life