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The One About Brian Wilson Breaking My Heart.

It feels nice when people know you and care about you. And when my beloved Brian Wilson defected to the LA Dodgers, I felt the sympathy and concern from my fellow man. I appreciated the texts, tweets, and messages from... Continue Reading →

Dear Brian, Please, PLEASE don’t break my heart (300)

If you're anything like me (and God help you) you have been biting your nails over the recent talks between Brian Wilson and the SF Giants. He spent last year on the bench after recovering from his second Tommy John... Continue Reading →

274: Boyfriend Brian Wilson out for Season?

In case you live too far from Concord, CA to hear my wailing and gnashing of teeth, it seems that my love Brian Wilson, enigmatic ace closer for the World Series Champions of 2010 San Francisco Giants, is going to... Continue Reading →

157 – SFGiants – For the Girls – pt 2

I've had a request for an update on my "Giants Hottie Watch" and after watching Brett Pill hit a homer his first Major League at-bat (his Wikipedia page was updated like point two five seconds later haha) and I think... Continue Reading →

Brian Wilson – Always Epic omg. I just found a way to be even more creepy about how i love brian wilson. On the MLB Always Epic site, Brian talks to you, and then allows you to virtually touch his beard. I clicked on... Continue Reading →

The SF Giants – This one’s for the Girls!!

I love the sport of baseball. Its as American as apple pie and Bud Light, cowboys and country music, and wearing an Old Navy shirt on the 4th of July. If you don't love baseball, you might be a terrorist. Or have a really... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Reasons I love the SF Giants

10. Murph and Mac, Kruk and Kuip, Jon Miller, Renel, Amy G (can I have your job PLEASE?!), Dave Flemming....everything that is CSN/ESPN and especially KNBR about the Giants. I love our announcers, the commentary, the sounds of their voices, the... Continue Reading →

I have eight minutes to write this post! I got tweeted!

Seriously awesome things happened today. I got tweetered back by the SfGiants! !!     That is so like just two steps away from talking to Brian Wilson! From becoming a Giants baseball player! Ah! Here's what happened. J and D and... Continue Reading →

Reasons why Brian Wilson and I are Destiny (39)

1. Brian Wilson loves Jesus. Rachel Danger loves her some Jesus. 2. Brian Wilson plays baseball. Rachel Danger LOVES baseball. 3. He plays baseball FOR THE GIANTS. The best team in the WORLD. 4. Brian Wilson has a tattoo in LATIN across his very defined chest,... Continue Reading →

I miss baseball. I miss Brian Wilson. (38)

Watched the Superbowl yesterday....sorta. Football doesn't hold my interest very much these days. And what misguided marketing major thought that a bunch of people who are rooting for the Packers and the Steelers want to see the Black Eyed Peas... Continue Reading →

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