I’ve had a request for an update on my “Giants Hottie Watch” and after watching Brett Pill hit a homer his first Major League at-bat (his Wikipedia page was updated like point two five seconds later haha) and I think he deserves to be on this list! I loved the boys on my last list….but NONE of them are even playing right now. I hope I’m not a curse…I’m going to name this one “Rookie Row.”

  • Brett Pill – 1st Base – #6 

    hello new hottie on my radar...
  • Born 9/9/1984 in San Dimas, California (does this make anyone else think of the Ataris?)
  • rightie, tall
  • Known for: according to baseballalmanac.com, Pill is the first Giant to homer in his first big-league at-bat since Will Clark, on April 8, 1986, against Nolan Ryan in the Astrodome.
  • He’s like seriously cute, a Giants player, and my age. Might there be some competition for Brian?? I don’t knoooooowwwww!!!! :) But yeah we know like nothing about him yet, but he was a pretty solid hitter, named the Grizzlies’ MVP two years in a row. May he be the spark to our offense that our boys need so badly!
  • His big hashtag right now is #PilltheThrill. winning!
  • I’m awarding him…“Homerun Hottie”
  • What does this mean for Huff, Belt? I don’t know. Speaking of Belt….
yes, please!
  • Brandon Kyle Belt – 1st base/outfield…originally a pitcher – #9
  • born – 4/20/88 in Texas
  • leftie, 6’5″
  • Married
  • Known for being awkward
  • Awarded “Tall Hottie”
  • Nickname – Baby Giraffe, hence all the giraffe hats coming around with the panda hats….its a regular animal house at the park these days. Fitting. When they played in Texas, his wife, parents and friends all had shirts made that said “Keep the Giraffe Awkward.” I think he hit a homer that night, too?
  • Pretty sweet article with ten questions with him here before he really started playing for the Giants. He’s such a young pup. Been yo-yoing between minors and majors this year, working on his hitting. When he’s hot he’s hot, and has been very clutch for the Giants. Keep it up, baby raffie.

  • Ryan Vogelsong – Pitcher – #32
  • Born – July 22, 1977, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Nickname/tweet things: VogelSTRONG
  • rumor has it…he will be receiving the Willie Mac Most Inspirational Award this Friday night and I will be there!! Yaaaaay!!!
  • Married – Nicole – follow her on twitter! She is very inspirational. sometimes annoyingly so.
  • I shall anoint you “Faithful Hottie”
  • Known for: Being a humble, Christian guy, who after being thrown around the baseball world (minors, Japan, Venezuela) for the last 13 years, finally made it to the majors with the Giants and was named an All-Star this year.
  • Fantastic interview with him here: http://www.mercurynews.com/giants/ci_18456613?source=rss