Dude. Big weekend. BIG weekend.

Highlights – Odyssey of the Toe…Mauled by wild wheelchairs…BFF reunitage…Moonshinin’….Calling the cops on myself…

Friday– this was the first Friday of the first week

i still believe....in 2012....haha loveyouboys.

back at school…I was so ready for Orange Friday!! We had siiick seats (thank you, Gma!) and I went with a family from school that I lovelovelove. Not only was the game AWESOME and we totes won, but I got on the Jumbotron!! This has been a major dream come true for me. We were dancing and waving rally rags, just faces in the crowds, but faces glowing with “we are true fans, we don’t ever care what your record is, we love you guys.” And we gots on the big screen!! Eeeeepiiic. I miss Brian, but he says he might pitch this week, and I’m going Friday! Heyoooo. Giants for LIFE.

Big wheels keep on turnin’ – I was walking back from food stands at said game, and felt a nudge at my calf. huh? Suddenly, an old man in an electric wheelchair was WHEELING OVER MY FOOT. It felt like gears turning and mashing my baby toe into oatmeal. I basicaly got mauled by guy with his waistband up under his nipples, who apologized that he hadn’t seen me, because he had been freaking texting on his iphone. I am not kidding. It really hurt and I teared up and wanted to be mad at old guy. But you can’t be mad at old guys. Then I realized it was a really funny story. So I’m okay with it.

Saturday – Maybe it was my family’s backwoods Tennessee moonshinin’ roots, but  I was inexplicably drawn to BevMo, where I discovered a Make your own Brew Kit!! Um….HELLO that is on my bucket list! So I bought it, and now have a keg fermenting in my closet! Winning. Tasting party in a month. more on that later. I also made epic cake balls and watched Extreme Couponers or whatever that show is called for the first time. I am fascinated.

CALLING COPS ON MYSELF– So I get home about 11pm Saturday night, and all the lights are off, no one is home, garage door is wide open. WTW?! (What the What?!)

this was me. insert knife and celly.

Turns out that I had left it open earlier in the day…but that’s not the point. So I freak out. Enter the house, and call out “Hello?” like the bad guys are just going to answer me. I grab a kitchen knife and proceed to walk boldly into every room and look for these bad guys. Don’t find them. Phew.

so I mix a little sleep meds cocktail and try to sleep, with my knife in one hand and cell phone in another. About 12:30am, I hear a thud outside my window, and fuh-reak. Call 911. They send a cop, and I answer at 1am in jammies, hair in bun, glasses, and mouth guard, cell phone in one hand….large knife still in the other. He didn’t even blink. Nicest guy, he checked the backyard and garage (commenting on my Dos Equis man) and in all the rooms and under beds for monsters. I was able to sleep. Love the po po.

SUNDAY – BBQ with BFF jilly who was in town! I cried when she came and when she left. Then I fell asleep cuddled up with my adopted brothers watching Star Wars. Good day.

MONDAY– Toe got accidentally ripped a little

last few seconds of toenail...

further, and as I sat down to put on tennies to ride my bike and watch “Tangled,” I thought to myself, “I’m just gonna do this thing.” I stretched the skin and the nail and it just came off, to reveal a sweet little Charlie Brown Christmas tree of a toenail. I shall call it my nubbin. It is adorable. But makes other people gag. Sorry!

Well this will be the second week of school…we’re going to settle more into the routine and do actual work. Which is cool. ish…..Gotta say that this Labor Day weekend was fantastic chance to rest and catch up on life. Good times. Thanks to all who participated in the crazy.