Seriously awesome things happened today. I got tweetered back by the SfGiants!

!!     That is so like just two steps away from talking to Brian Wilson! From becoming a Giants baseball player! Ah!

Here’s what happened.

J and D and I went to the Cal baseball game, which was awesome in itself because it was a double-header, and all the baseball players are really cute. Its like a rule that you must be hot to play baseball. Or perhaps average looking men are made hot when they put on the uniform. However, J and I realized that no matter how attractive all these men were, we were several years older than ALL of them, because they are still in college. Which made it kind of sad. So we bought cracker jacks.

The Giants World Series trophy was on tour at the game, which was the main reason we were there. So we stood in line and took pictures!

Then I went on my twitter and sent it to @SfGiants and said that I loved them and etc. etc.


They twittered me back! They said they loved me too!


Here is a picture of it:

I made a resolution this year to write a blog every single day of the year. I’ve done that 50 times, and although I am tired and spent all day in Berkeley chasing down various destinations to check in on using my Yelp and watching lots of sports and drinking and eating and cheering and figuring out how to use twitter and being made fun of (thank you, Devin) I knew as much as I wanted to crawl in bed the moment I got home, I had to write something, ANYTHING, so that I wouldn’t give this resolution up. I haven’t stuck with anything so diligently for so long in my entire life. If I could only somehow apply this kind of resolve and attention to, say, eating healthy or working out or saving the world. Imagine how different my life would be. Alas.

Hanging out with the trophy was the coolest thing ever. I touched it. I smelled it. i went a little mooney eyed, knowing BWils had held it in his hands. Sigh. I am smitten. Hopelessly smitten with the Giants.