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7 Steps to Write a Viral Post (This is not sarcastic.)

Step One: Choose your title. I have collected all that remains of titles from the internet. Simply choose one and fill in the blanks. It's kind of like Madlibs. Insert a number, insert a noun. Tip - no one likes... Continue Reading →

Guide for Guys: What Girls Post Online

The problem with social media is we believe what we see. Via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc., we form opinions of each other. In a more devious and dangerous vein, we work to form others' opinions of ourselves. We post... Continue Reading →

Carolina Diaries: Job Hunting vs Funemployment

I've played this (F)unemployment game before. When I came back from backpacking Central America (read some highlights here) I spent about seven months in sweatpants, tears, and job applications before I somehow landed my teaching gig.  Luckily my sister had... Continue Reading →

Smartphones. Hrm.

Does your phone affect your relationships? Choose: Huh? What was the question? Someone @replied me on Twitter just now. My phone makes my relationships stronger because it adds more streams of communication and helps me stay in closer touch with... Continue Reading →

A Time Capsule of the Year

I've kept a diary most of my life, the last few year's have been a public one on this blog and others. I don't know if it's the new Pinterest habit that's gotten me thinking so craftily, but I thought... Continue Reading →

My big “Unfriend on Facebook” Adventure

What makes a "friend?" How do we stay in contact with them? We live in an age with "followers" on instagram, twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, and social media that require absolutely no personal knowledge of or physical, live contact with another... Continue Reading →

Flawed (303)

To try and help inspire writing, I am subscribed to a writing prompt that is delivered daily to my inbox. However, I have a terrible habit of reading emails on my phone and then never looking at them again. The... Continue Reading →

Search thyself – the Google Machine (220)

Who invented the Google machine? Why "google" ? It has become a noun, a verb, a living breathing thing. It is our map, dictionary, phone book, film critic, encyclopedia, newspaper. I think it's making America fat. And obviously it's in... Continue Reading →

Brian Wilson – Always Epic omg. I just found a way to be even more creepy about how i love brian wilson. On the MLB Always Epic site, Brian talks to you, and then allows you to virtually touch his beard. I clicked on... Continue Reading →

I have eight minutes to write this post! I got tweeted!

Seriously awesome things happened today. I got tweetered back by the SfGiants! !!     That is so like just two steps away from talking to Brian Wilson! From becoming a Giants baseball player! Ah! Here's what happened. J and D and... Continue Reading →

Will twitter bring BWils and Danger together?!

I got a twitter account on my iphone strictly to follow Giants players. Namely, Brian Wilson. Because I love him. I've been playing around with it, and I still am not sure what its for or how I use it.... Continue Reading →

Reasons why Brian Wilson and I are Destiny (39)

1. Brian Wilson loves Jesus. Rachel Danger loves her some Jesus. 2. Brian Wilson plays baseball. Rachel Danger LOVES baseball. 3. He plays baseball FOR THE GIANTS. The best team in the WORLD. 4. Brian Wilson has a tattoo in LATIN across his very defined chest,... Continue Reading →

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