1. Brian Wilson loves Jesus. Rachel Danger loves her some Jesus.

2. Brian Wilson plays baseball. Rachel Danger LOVES baseball.

3. He plays baseball FOR THE GIANTS. The best team in the WORLD.

4. Brian Wilson has a tattoo in LATIN across his very defined chest, which says “In Nomine Patris,” which means “in the name of the father,” after his dad who died of cancer. I’m a Latin teacher. I read his pecs without googling what they said. Bingo.

5. Brian Wilson mentions “the most interesting man in the world” in interviews a lot, and I have a cardboard cutout of Dos Equis guy living in my garage that we “borrowed” from the Mexican restaurant down the street. Stay delicious, my friends.

6. Brian Wilson is big into catch phrases, like “Nailed it!” and I love the game Catchphrase.

7. Brian Wilson is really good at crossword puzzles, completing the NYT in one and a half minutes. I’m not that good, but I love words and puzzles, and am very interested in becoming better at them to prevent dementia in my old age.

8. He loves to travel, I loves to travel.

9. He likes to break rules (ie orange cleats fiasco of 2010) and I ALSO love to break rules.

10. Brian Wilson references “FACT” s a lot, and as an educator of America’s youth, I really appreciate a man who speaks the truth.

11. FACT: Brian Wilson looks amazing in a hat. Any hat.

12. Brian Wilson is a very dedicated person. He is dedicated to his team, his teammates, the memory of his father, his commitment to Christ, and if we met, I have no doubt he could become very dedicated to me. I appreciate love that lasts for a lifetime.

13. Brian Wilson has the same name as singer Brian Wilson, making stories about them and headlines about them when you google one or the other kind of confusing. In the same way, with my obscure last name it is confusing to google me. You come up with lots of stories about Rachel Bilsen or Rachel Ray and their weight losses and gains. I’m probably somewhere on page 15, but I didn’t  click through long enough to find out.

14. Brian Wilson is  a mental assasin ninja. This is good because when you assasinate someone mentally, there isn’t a whole lot of bloody mess to clean up, and I really hate picking up after people.

15. Brian Wilson likes to Twitter and videoblog, and I like to writing blog. Together, we would make one hell of a triple internet threat.

16. Brian Wilson likes to party, Rachel Danger LOVES to party.

This list is not yet completed because we haven’t officially met. Only in my dreams. I will continue to add to it as I discover more about him as his many layered personalities are revealed through our whirlwind courtship.

I will totally say “yes” when he proposes to me on the jumbotron before throwing the winning pitch at a Dodgers vs Giants game to clinch the series, and you will all be invited to the wedding. Our colors will be black and orange black and orange.