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15 Things I want to do. Right. Now.

 Eat a pint of Ben and Jerry's Half-Baked Fro Yo. By myself. And not feel guilty. Or calories. Take a long, hot, bubbly, boozy, bookish bath with my bestie Jane Austen. Have a slumber party with my best friends like... Continue Reading →

My big “Unfriend on Facebook” Adventure

What makes a "friend?" How do we stay in contact with them? We live in an age with "followers" on instagram, twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, and social media that require absolutely no personal knowledge of or physical, live contact with another... Continue Reading →

Being Sick and Stuff

Being sick is a pain. But there are also parts of it I enjoy in some sort of sadistic way. I've been feeling icky since about Tuesday night; headache, and that feeling you get where your brain is fuzzy, body feels... Continue Reading →

How to Use Pager Code (299)

Several times in my teaching career I have found myself saying "143" and watching my students do a double-take. "What did you say that for?" they ask their number-spouting Latin teacher, who often claims she doesn't "believe in science or... Continue Reading →

Facebook and Politics – recipe for bad. (297)

My status update after the election results was this: “I think people who use Facebook to vent angry political views are cotton headed ninny muggings. I’m stoked Obama won. Now lets all get on with our lives and get back... Continue Reading →

259: All that junk, all that junk inside yo trunk

I cleaned out my car for the first time since...well...I think probably 2008. It was like unearthing a time capsule of my life I had never intended to make. I found: One flip flop. Just one. Baseball glove. Volleyballs for... Continue Reading →

“Beer is proof that God Loves us…

...and wants us to be happy..." I think that is a Dave Barry quote. I love any quote that can tie together my love for Jesus and justify how much I enjoy a cold beverage with feelings. Like the great... Continue Reading →

135 – Tomatoes, zombies, cheezits, cars. Average day, really.

I have so much to do. So much, that I had to write it down and make a list. Sometimes, when I make these lists, i put down things that are almost already done, so I can finish them and... Continue Reading →

Top10 Things I Love about my iPhone

10. My SF Giants cover - one of my 8th grade students bought this for me off the internet with his own money. On my birthday, he told me to hold out my hands for a surprise. I don't generally... Continue Reading →

Toe Up

You never know how much you need a toe, until you have a toe no mo'. That was a po. em. :) I have a gift. Its called "I am gifted at doing things that make my life more complicated."... Continue Reading →

56/365.25 – 10 Youtubes I could watch over…and over…and over…and

Remember life before Youtube? Me neither. Here are some videos that I could watch on repeat for quite some time. They are funny. They are the kind of videos that back like two years ago when Youtube wasn't yet a... Continue Reading →

What would you put it in a time capsule of you??

My Giants favorite childhood book I can still read over and over, "The Ramsey Scallop," my ipod, my favorite pair of photo albums of Europe and Central America. My Bible. My cowboy boots. A box of my... Continue Reading →

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