I love the sport of baseball. Its as American as apple pie and Bud Light, cowboys and country music, and wearing an Old Navy shirt on the 4th of July. If you don’t love baseball, you might be a terrorist. Or have a really bad memory of little league.

I love the battle between the pitcher and hitter, the catcher being the unsung hero, dives in the outfield, stealing bases. I love the atmosphere at the games when you’re there, and hearing all the commentary and seeing slow-mo when you watch from home. I love garlic fries, beers, malts, and heckling. I love all the weird stats and numbers and lingo. I only played softball for like three minutes when I was younger, but I do truly love the athleticism of baseball.

BUT. As a woman…I also admit that about…oh…well, lets not put a number on it…a healthy percentage of the reason why I love watching baseball so much, is because it is a scientific fact that men who play baseball, specifically baseball for the World Series Champions SF Giants, are twenty times hotter than the average bear. FACT. And sometimes, you don’t need all the sports talk and stats. You just wanna see the boys.

Its the uniforms, its the fact that you can see their faces when they play (unlike football) and that they seem to wear their emotions on their sleeves after every good and bad play. Its how excited they get after every win. Its the high fives, the bubble gum chewing, the sliding into the bases and not bothering to brush that hard-earned dirt off. And its their indisputable hotness.

So this blog is dedicated to a few of my favorite Giants. I’ve already written several dedicated to Brian Wilson, and I’m sure there is more I can say. And I’ll post more later featuring other players, with all the things that girls want to know. I don’t even mind if you’re a bandwagon fan, because honestly, the more fans the merrier the party after we win it again this year. I’m here to tell you the stuff that girls want to know.

  • Jonathan Sanchez – Pitcher – #57
  • Born 11/19/1982 in Mayaguez,  Puerto Rico
  • Leftie, 6 feet tall
  • Known for being very polite, somewhat soft-spoken in interviews, working on his English.  Check out this video: click link
  • Somewhat of an emotional pitcher…games can get to him. But when he’s in control, he’s unstoppable. Right behind Timmy when it comes to strikeouts.
  • Single, has one son who is 7 years old
  • Had a no-hitter in July 2009 which was epic, and his tearful hug with his dad was probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.
  • Also a pretty decent hitter! Had some clutch hits last year, particularly in the postseason.
  • Awarding him “Latino Lover Hottie.” I would love to work on conversational skills with him.
This pic is from when he was with the Phillies but I could not resist!
  • Pat “the Bat” Burrell – Left Field – #5
  • Born 10/10/76 in Eureka Springs, AR
  • FACT – went to junior high with my BFF Jill
  • Righty, 6’4″
  • Seriously one of the most handsome men in baseball, but I don’t like all the chew
  • Best friends with Aubrey Huff, they’ve played ball together a long time.
  • Traded to the Giants just last May, known for hitting homers in clutch situations, but also strikes out and has hitting slumps. Pretty good in the outfield, but getting a little old and slow (sorry, Pat :))
  • We know he was married, but I can’t find any confirmation of that still being his status, or of a divorce, but the SFGiants official website says he’s single. Yeah!
  • I’m awarding him “Gentleman Hottie,” because he looks so darn handsome, but if the rumors are true, he’s more of a playboy than a gentleman…hmmm…
  • Nate Schierholtz – #12 – RF 
  • Born 2/15/84 in Reno, NV
  • Went to San Ramon Valley High, and his family still lives here. Known to hang out at Pete’s Brass Rail, where my uncle will go up and talk to him and embarrass the family name.
  • Engaged to long-time love Kate. Lucky.
  • Bats L Throws R
  • 6’1″
  • Note – looks best with a hat on… receding hairline alert! Still super hot. Very focused player.
  • Hasn’t started a ton of games in his career, but that’s starting to change…He comes off the bench a lot to replace players for various reasons, hits in all kinds of clutch situations, and usually does a pretty good job. He’s been playing for a spot on the Giants this season, as there were trading rumors, but he’s been doing an awesome job, great hitting, and just had a game-winning diving catch against the dirty dodgers earlier this week.
  • Most recent cute story – his brother is in the Air Force, stationed in Colorado, and got tickets to see the Giants play. Nate happened to hit a home run to the section his brother and friends were sitting in!! Later, they paid the guy that caught it like $25 bucks so that his brother could have his homerun ball.
  • I name you “Hometown Hottie” as you are from the beautiful bay and we love you Nate!
Next time, I will award Tim Lincecum, Freddy Sanchez, and Brandon Belt!