10. Murph and Mac, Kruk and Kuip, Jon Miller, Renel, Amy G (can I have your job PLEASE?!), Dave Flemming….everything that is CSN/ESPN and especially KNBR about the Giants. I love our announcers, the commentary, the sounds of their voices, the emotion, the way they got choked up when we won the World Series. Best guys in the business. Hands DOWN.

9. The stadium is crazy awesome. Is there a better view in baseball? Food options are great, tons of beer carts, great sound and screen. Love it. LOVE IT. Splash hits = winning. Rally rags = waving. Lets go Giants = clap clap clapclapclap. And the fans are crazy great. We’re on our feet then back in our seats then on our knees praying.

8. Black and orange black and ORANGE are the most badass colors in the MLB. No questions asked. And if you haven’t heard the theme song yet, then what are you waiting for?!

7. The t-shirts and paraphrenalia and catch phrases. There is so much personality in that clubhouse. We have some of the funniest slogans out there. Pretty colorful things they might be selling on the streets….especially with Timmy’s personality and penchant for swearing on national television or for other activities…but there is nothing as cool as “Ross the Boss” “rally thongs” “Pat the Bat” “Pandamania” and of course “Fear the Beard.” Together, we truly are GIANT.

6. I think Los Gigantes have really brought the Bay area together this last year, its brought me some sweet street cred with my students, and I’d like to thank them for bringing and my family together over the years, and especially me and my sister, Jenna. The players and the games are something we can love and be obsessed about together, and go to a billion games, buy and make shirts and fake tattoos and tailgate with strangers and spend eight hours outside the stadium waiting for the free give away if its cool enough.

When I got the SFGiants and Brian Murphy to tweet us, it was probably the coolest big sister move ever.

5. The torture. We can’t do anything the easy way….we’ll go 0-5 and then blow the same teams out with 10-0, 7-0 games. We leave it to the last minute to swing that double out and drive in two game-winning runs. Being a Giants fan is asking to have your heart ripped out and stomped on every other game you go to. You must be prepared to laugh, to cry, to rally together and wear thongs if necessary.

4. Jeremy Affeldt and all the other cool guys who are being decent Christian men in a sport that doesn’t really encourage that. I love especially how Jeremy blogs such great stuff and hangs out with youth and has such a heart for fighting trafficking and poverty in America and beyond. Solid guy. So rad.

3. Baseball games cover my major food groups (malts, corn dogs, beer), but the Giant’s stadium takes it one step further towards heaven. Garlic Fries.

2. Brian Wilson. The man, the mystery, the legend. The beard. The piercing blue eyes. The wit. The crazy. The destiny that we share to unite as one hilariously weird couple of kids in love forever and ever and ever. :)

1. World. Series. Champions. Boom. That just happened.