Fav moment of the day – a silly sixth grade boy saying he missed me last week. Within the same minute he had knocked over the pencil sharpener off the counter and shavings flew EVERYwhere.

Second favorite moment of the day – getting to talk to my bestie Traci on the phone for an hour! She lives in Chicago, I work nights, she works days…its hard. it was so nice to hear her voice in my bluetooth thingy! i finally broke down, bought one, and am using it. only took two years.

Right now I am wearing…

  • for once, NOT workout clothes!
  • black stirrup leggings
  • flower dress
  • belt
  • mustard yellow cardigan
  • a bracelet I bought in guatemala a few year ago that i had thought was lost. welcome back, friend.

This week I am going to…

  • remember how to teach again…the week at Outdoor camp really knocked the indoors out of me…its so hard to be inside when its so lovely out there.
  • give some Latin tests hee hee
  • go to the Giants/Dodgers games on Tuesday and Wednesday!! They better pull it off better than they did tonight! Ugh. Painful. So glad baseball is back.
  • Celebrate Cinder’s bday
  • Rehearsal for church band
  • Shop for Spring Break clothes! wooo Puerto Vallarta
  • Go to our school’s auction…good PR with parents….my “time with teacher” is a chance to have pizza with me and go “flock” someone’s house, aka post pink flamingos all over their lawn.
  • at some point, I will sleep.

The songs I’ve listened to most recently, according to my ipod:

  • *Friday – Rebecca Black. Yes. I downloaded it. I can’t stop listening to it. Its like an audio train wreck. My students turned me on to it. I have an entire future blog planned about the parodies of it…but the catchiness can not be denied!
  • *Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked – Cage the Elephant – I don’t even remember listening to this. Fun song though.
  • *Falling Slowly – Glen Hansard – Once Soundtrack. Watch this movie. So good.
  • *Heart of Glass – Blondie
  • *Find Your Love – Drake

This weekend I…

  • tried to recover from outdoor ed. mostly ignored how tired i was.
  • GIANTS GAME!!! World Series Ring Ceremony was brilliant. Tears were shed.
  • tried to kill a bug that kept flying around my house.
  • went on some really long walks.
  • did laundry.
  • did not read a book like i meant to. 

Today I ate

  • coffee and half and half.
  • goldfish crackers
  • diet coke
  • some lean cuisine nonsense
  • taco fixin’s without the taco
  • no sweets. Lent is going strong!

I am most happy about:

  • going to about a million giants games this year. it brings me great joy, great great joy, to be back there with my sister, our rotating selection of family members and boys, beers, the pier, the fans, the panda hats, the outfits, the garlic fries. it fills my soul.