……..with Spring BREAK! – This teacher is so done with grading, progress reports, writing referrals, cleaning off boogers and gum, smelling BO, catching notes, making up assignments, and answering emails. She is headed to Puerto Vallarta for a full week of no decisions tougher than “what bikini am I wearing today” and “what drink shall I start with first.”

I will be celebrating both my Savior’s resurrection and my 27th birthday from the white sandy beaches. And for the first time in my life, I have made the entire Lent season!! I didn’t even take a cheat day. I have gone without a single sweet, and am going to be waking up Sunday morning with a can of Rainbow Chip frosting and a spoon, and praising Jesus.

I can’t wait to go to the Mexico Walmart and buy all my favorite beans in a bag and Pringles con Limon and chili candies to bring back to the States. I’m going to speak Spanish to everyone I meet and wear flip flops and tiny dresses and remember where my cleavage is that has been hiding for so long under teacher cardigans and scarves. I’m pumped to be email free, cell phone free, to depend only on the sun and how hungry or thirsty I am to tell time.

I’m in love with the GIANTS because we are so back in action…despite that last game which we will just chalk up to keeping the torture alive, as we must. I’m heading to the game tonight with my sisters, something we never get to do, and its ORANGE FRIDAY and so I get to rock my sequin headband and face tats and wave rally flags until the cows come home. I’m in love with Brian Wilson, whom these suggestive underthings were purchased for…haha. Maybe I’ll wear them outside my pants like a super hero. Get on tv. Whatever it takes. BRIAN I LOVE YOU.

I’m in love with EARTH DAY. Because Earth is the number one planet. This day brings back so many memories for me of dancing barefoot in the park to drum circles and body paint and grass in your hair and promises to start a compost bin behind our house. I loved the celebration that was had every Earth Day at UCSB and I miss those hippie-d out days with my ASB peeps and tree-huggers.

I’m in love with my new tangerine suitcase. With my yellow sandals. With my new floppy beach hat that is either really cool or really granny-like. I’m in love with all the little kids at my school, singing in chapel with me this morning…”Jesus paid it all” sung at the top of the lungs of a first grader is something so sweet, it must be a gift from God.

Happy Easter everyone. Jesus loves you, and I do, too.