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RinR: Easter as an Ex-pat the bunny

Holidays are funny. Growing up, you can never imagine doing them any way other than what your family does. To me, Easter means waking up, baskets, finding eggs, a special breakfast with specific biscuits (Grands Flaky!), bacon, mimosas when you... Continue Reading →

Its Friday, I’m in love…

........with Spring BREAK! - This teacher is so done with grading, progress reports, writing referrals, cleaning off boogers and gum, smelling BO, catching notes, making up assignments, and answering emails. She is headed to Puerto Vallarta for a full week... Continue Reading →

67 – Tuesday Top 10 – Lent is the new black.

Lent - the 40ish day period of time when Christians give up something to simulate the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross. Now, this was the ultimate sacrifice that anyone could ever make....but we somehow think we're being all... Continue Reading →

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