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94 – Viva Spring Break!

L, J and I are on our fantastic Puerto Vallarta vacation adventure of awesome, where the sun and the fun and the margaritas and friendly Mexicans just don't stop!! We love the hotel that we're at, and are spending about... Continue Reading →

Its Friday, I’m in love…

........with Spring BREAK! - This teacher is so done with grading, progress reports, writing referrals, cleaning off boogers and gum, smelling BO, catching notes, making up assignments, and answering emails. She is headed to Puerto Vallarta for a full week... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries: Vegas, baby, Vegas

It is a common misconception that teachers working at a private Christian school make good money. But my pay is so low (I'm uncredentialled, first year teaching a foreign language I don't even's not really their fault!) that I... Continue Reading →

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