Ben who?
Ben who?

As you all know, I love to hate to love the best trash on television, “The Bachelor.”

This season brings us squeaky-clean (and smokin’ hot) Sean – a born again Christian (sigh) dripping polite words and desires to start a family from a mega-watt smile that has already blind-sided the remaining 18 contestants. (Read my review of last week here)

For these Monday night voyeurisms, I like to play Bingo with my roommates. I also like throwing theme parties for it! (See ideas here)

Here are a list of terms you can use to play along.

  • Free Space in the middle = “LOVE”
  • SIX PACK SEAN – any time Sean has his shirt off
  • Kacie mentions her last season/Ben
  • “amazing”
  • “I missed you
  • jewelry and a bikini
  • “not okay”
  • Sean references his faith in some way (God, Jesus, faith, etc.)
  • “falling for Sean/you”
  • “intense”
  • girls get in a cat fight
  • “I’m not here to make friends”
  • mentioning parents
  • crying
  • anytime you see a limo
  • sunset
  • mentioning past relationships

    who will be this season's Courtney?!
    who will be this season’s Courtney?!
  • “I didn’t think it would be this hard”
  • “steal you for a second”
  • “connection”
  • any kind of secret is revealed
  • “Pre-cerem-rose” – Sean hands out a rose before the ceremony
  • Sean does a voiceover monologue
  • references to “normal stuff” type dating after the show, ie grocery shopping, sweatpants, staying in and watching movies, etc.

Good luck! Please send me your pics or tag me in them on Facebook! We’ll start a nation-wide movement of Bachelor Bingo!