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2011 Highlights of Danger – I’m SO Alive!

I just drove 10 hours by myself back from Portland, one of the best vacations of my life. En serio. I can be cynical about holidays like NYE, Valentine's Day, etc., which seem to scream "Hey you! You're single! And... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Things. Maybe. Probably not.

Its trendy to make resolutions for the new year. Its so trendy to not make resolutions. I want to start a new trend. Ridiculous resolutions. Join me. My first is to tweet from every public restroom I visit for the... Continue Reading →

Boxing Day! (224)

The day after Christmas is nuts. People talk about how stressed out the holidays make them, and then they have to "recover" from Christmas. I've definitely been feeling the sugar crash today but I had a fantastic Christmas! Here's a secret... Continue Reading →

52/365.25 – Twitter and Dives and Bdays

Today is my little sister J's 25th birthday. As someone so kindly reminded me on facebook via status update comment, yes, it is a little scary when your "little" sister turns 25. That means YOU are definitely over 25. Which...I'm... Continue Reading →

19 – Resolutions to resolutely resolve. Or something.

They say it takes 21 days of doing something every single day to make it a habit. That's science. I don't know what the statistic is on how short a time you need to break that habit, but I think... Continue Reading →

Dear Facebook Ads: Stop mocking me. Singles are people, too.

So at first I thought it was just an ironic, and kinda sweet and helpful coincidence that all the Facebook ads to the right of my page are about dating web sites. There were even a few that I, though... Continue Reading →

Nothing like a nice cross country flight after a plane crash!

Flew back to California yesterday on a nice Delta flight, but boy I tell you, people were paying quiiiiite a bit more attention to the safety information this time around! Ooooh you could hear those seatbelts click click click. After,... Continue Reading →

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