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things I should be doing: grading finals, cleaning out cabinets to avoid moth outbreak over holidays, packing for trip to Patagonia, handling responsibilities, considering resolutions for the impending new year. things I am currently doing: staring at how pretty our... Continue Reading →

RinR: Playing Tour Guide, NYE, Cheese Penis, a Friend

My first visitor! I think a place truly starts to feel like "home" when you have someone visit and you get to play tour guide. I'm fulfilling a lifelong dream of mine to be one of those "Jungle Cruise" guides... Continue Reading →

RinR: hollydaze

In some ways, it doesn’t feel anything like Christmas. It’s certainly not cold. I'm sitting on an ice pack, drinking a sweating margarita, directly in front of a fan on a setting so high my eyelids feel like they're peeling off my skull. I haven’t seen or smelled a single Christmasy smell (I’d settle for a tiny pine tree swinging from a rear view mirror).

RinR: Feliz Natal do Brasil

Nothing is quite so beautiful and terrible all at the same time as an all-school Christmas musical. Our first rehearsal was Wednesday, and I was shaking with silent belly laughs, tears streaming down my cheeks from watching the little kids perform.

15 Ways to Survive the Holidays When You’re Newly Single

John Mayer has this song called "St. Patrick's Day." The chorus goes like this: No way November will see our goodbye. When it comes to December, it's obvious why. No one wants to be alone at Christmas time. And come... Continue Reading →

Weekly Win(e)d Up

Favorite Moment: I just had a truly glorious, free, loud, relieving sneeze. It made me so happy. If I could do that every hour, on the hour…nay, if the whole world could feel such joy in a sneeze, we would... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Win(e)d Up

We bought a cord of firewood - the load of a pickup truck. Roommate said last time it took him three years to get through the pile. He laughed when I said that I could get through it by the... Continue Reading →

How To Do Christmas Real Bad This Year

1. Be too embarrassed to come home and see family. Well, embarrassed is part of it - I've gained weight, couldn't get a real job, have no friends, and broke up with the man I thought I was going to... Continue Reading →

Aloneness. It’s okayish!

iTunes search: "alone." Twenty-one songs. My favorites - "I Think We're Alone Now" by Tiffany, "You are not Alone" by Michael Jackson, and the anthem "Alone" by Heart. Also "Jingle Bell Rock," because it's from the Home Alone soundtrack. If... Continue Reading →

December First. Stuff and Things.

Does your mouth ever taste like something, and it drives you crazy? Right now mine tastes like popcorn, which I haven't had in forever. Am I supposed to go the movies? Is this a sign? Or do I just need... Continue Reading →

Carolina Diaries: Moving and Settling In

It's been two weeks since I dropped my mom off at the airport and we both pretended not to cry and not to care. I've slowly unpacked all the boxes, which has been kind of like Christmas. The clothes are hung... Continue Reading →

My Rules for Life.

Rule number 1: When a friend gets engaged, congratulate them, buy yourself flowers and wine. Salute to love. Rule number 2: Pick a color that is your favorite color. It's kind of like your spirit animal. Mine is yellow. Always... Continue Reading →

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