Does your mouth ever taste like something, and it drives you crazy? Right now mine tastes like popcorn, which I haven’t had in forever. Am I supposed to go the movies? Is this a sign? Or do I just need to brush my teeth? I can’t read minds. Not even my owns.

being on the internet is like… "Oh, look! A castle…Oh, look! A castle!"
being on the internet is like… “Oh, look! A castle…Oh, look! A castle!”

Oh em gee. For a good time, put “Age of Aquarius” on as you skim this (c’mon, who reads whole blogs? We only read crap like “7 Reasons to Date a Sorority Girl! 5 things that taste like your childhood! 8 signs you like cheese! 17 animals that make you gag on your own vomit because ermergerhd so cuuuute!” Grow some attention span, America. Maybe if I bullet point my paragraphs, it will trick you all into thinking this is a list…).

  • Just realized I did not have any stuffing on Thanksgiving. I did have some awesome mac and cheese. We were on the bottom floor of an Irish pub in Richmond, Virginia, served by a deaf Irish bartender named Liam. It was an experience.
  • hanging out with the bros like whoa.
    hanging out with the bros like whoa.

    My sister Jenna flew out for the week, which was super awesome to see some family after three months of living over here. Not sure if this place qualifies as ‘East Coast’ or ‘the South’ really, because Durham is different than the rural areas of NC I’ve driven to where like, if it’s your birthday, they’ll put “Happy Birthday Dylan, age 9!” at the gas station and the Dollar General’s signs…population like 300, so presumably everyone knows who Dylan is. Trucks are painted camo. Confederate flags still fly. You know. God’s country.

  • Our first stop was Bojangles for breakfast. If your biscuit + gravy order comes with a spoon, you know you’re in the right place.
  • we's go hiking.
    we’s go hiking.

    I made her go hiking with me. It was nice to not be alone – someone to tell me that the sounds were just leaves rustling, and not bears coming to eat me. Then my family drove up and we had an epic night a mi casa. It’s always fun to be with little boys. They’re little enough that it’s relatively cute when they fart, which they do often. And they still want to cuddle and wrestle and think my sister and I are heroes when we buy them

    brothers think I'm cool.
    brothers think I’m cool.

    coins to play at Dave and Busters, where I won ONE THOUSAND TICKETS. Amazing night. I think we spent like $100 dollars, but our brothers thought we were cool. So it was worth it.

  • The new job is going okay…I forgot how exhausting waiting tables is. And how much I love when people tip “3.46” so that their bill is an even fifty dollars. If you’re doing the math, that’s just rude. Like…just don’t. But I’m having fun…it’s nice to be around people again, and affect a fake Southern accent with tables and flirt with cooks and busboys. The back of the house calls me either “Hollywood” because I’m from California, or “Hush Puppy Baby” because I dropped a huge tray of hush puppies when trying to sneak some for the dishwasher, who said he was hungry. It was a good deed. So.
  • There is a beeping noise in my house. It has not stopped. Also, I’m going to kill the cat, who while my roommate and I were gone, destroyed the house. Here is a video I made about it to send to my friends, but it was too big for texting:
  • I like fires! It’s not as fun as the fire pit with my roomies at my old house, but it smells good. I go out to the shed, get a bunch of wood, light it in the fireplace, and watch all the bugs crawl out and die in the flames. And I like crumpling paper towels into it. And I like singing “this fire is on FIIIIIREEEE!!!!” while I make it.
  • This is the first time in three months I’ve wished for a television, as tonight begins ABC’s 25 nights of Christmas! Wah.
  • I don’t think I’m going home for Christmas. It will make me too sad to spend a week in California and then have to come back here. Think I’m just gonna stay, work my butt off, and come home either for good in Feb/March, or as a pit stop before the next adventure. Which is open for suggestion…so…feel free!
  • full blown panic attack ensued. but then i figured it out.
    full blown panic attack ensued. but then i figured it out.

    So tonight, since I have a day off tomorrow, and in the spirit of being super depressed now that my family is gone and it’s been a month since my breakup and I’ve been getting random nose bleeds and WebMD’ing myself with cancer, I decided to get a bottle of wine and watch some movies and blog and stuff. Then what you see in this picture happened. And I had a very adult hissy fit. But then I used one of the five other openers we have in the house (totally normal for a house of two people, right?) and jimmied it out like a boss.

  • Now I sit in front of a fire I made, debating which Christmas film or British film (which for me is like Christmas) I will watch by myself. Awaiting your response, or lack thereof, to this here blog. How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?
  • K. love you bye.