I started this year with HUGE resolve to do a blog a day. 85 blogs in…I’m out. I am outskies. Well, I’m down, but maybe not out.

It started Monday night, when I went to the Giants/A’s game. It felt SO good to be back at the park, watching the boys, climbing the stairs, snuggling up under blankets, drinking the over-priced brews, the wafting of garlic fries through the air, yelling and clapping…its what I was born to do during the spring and summer (and if you’re a Giants’ fan, all the way through Rocktober and November!). So I may have celebrated a wee bit too much, and came home a wee bit too late to write anything clever, when I had to get up and teach junior highers the next day.

So I let Monday slide.

Then Tuesday.

Then Wednesday I pouted because no one had even noticed.

By Thursday, I missed writing, but had kind of gotten sidetracked by this guacamole my roommate made.

So here it is, Friday, and I’m not sure what to do. I want to keep the blog up, I want to make it to 365 posts…but can I back track? Do I just try to make up for lost time?

I have about six-seven weeks planned of travel for the rest of the year…how do I manage to write from the beaches of Puerto Vallarta during Spring break, or Maui in August, or Pinecrest lake in July, or  a mission trip?

Why am I even doing this?

I don’t know. But I miss writing. Right now I’m really enjoying writing about writing. Or, I guess more accurately, writing about how I have not been writing.

I don’t regret starting the blog…maybe just a bit too ambitious for someone as restless as I am.

In good news, my promise to Jesus for Lent, not to eat any sweets, is somehow still going strong. I have lusted after cupcakes, I have dreamt of eating M&Ms, I have baked dozens of brownies, but I still have not caved. I’m getting closer to the finish line…I am packing a can of Rainbow Chip frosting into my carry-on for Spring Break, and am waking up Easter morning and asking Pablo for a spoon and eating nothing but frosting all day long.

Perhaps I will just down-grade into post-a-week status. There is no shame in that, is there? Most Americans only keep their NYR for two weeks, so to have succeeded for 85 days is no small task. It is an accomplishment. something to be celebrated.

We shall see.

There is no April Fools’ joke in here, in case you were looking.