Fav moment of the day: When I took my high heels off and simultaneously sipped a sweet pinot grigio post-Back to School Night. It.was.Heaven.

Things I did this weekend:

  • hung out with my handsome and somewhat
    me and gma ORANGEFRIDAY!

    obnoxious friend El Rico :) (there is your blog shout out, are you happy?) We watched movies and ate cookies and made plans to go to Qzar.

  • Submitted my first module for my credential program! I have to do 14 of these per term, they include 7 activites, tons of readings, and you wrap up with a 3 page paper. Big deal. Glad the first one is done! About 40 more to go.
  • Went to the Giants game FRIDAY and SUNDAY! Sunday was awesome to watch. And we discovered I am truly a jinx. Every time I went up to pee/get fries/buy a round the Giants would turn the game around with a super clutch play. It got to be so real that my family was demanding I leave the seats and go watch the game via twitter in the bathroom. I am considering submitting one of those commericals to the Giants about the crazy things the fans will do to win a game.
  • went to a really fun church BBQ. Love being a part of that ministry.

This week I will….

  • post Back2SchoolNight….vino, blog, GIANTS.

    rock back to school night! Finished it up tonight as I am writing this…it is a kinda scary night for a teacher..you wonder if your room is cute enough, if your dress will be okay, you worry about any potential scary parents. (Parents are either awesome or terrifying or absent. I rarely meet a middle ground.)

  • Go to the Giants game tomorrow night! Against the Padres…I hope we didn’t spend all our runs tonight…I need another win on my second to last game of our season!
  • Have a HW party!
  • go to Qzar?
  • Maybe hit Leslie and Jen’s bday!
  • Powderpuff football?
  • I’m clearly dreaming big this week….honestly, I have a ton of school work to do. :( Hmm.

Today I ate:

  • Greek yogurt
  • grapes
  • easy mac
  • vino
  • coffee
  • cookies. there are always cookies in middle school.

Songs I am Loving…

  • Search my Heart – Hillsongs
  • Our God – Chris Tomlin
  • Bounce – Calvin Harris and Kelis
  • Character Zero – Phish
  • Fat-bottomed Girls – Queen