This started as a New Year’s Resolution….more like a dare, to write a blog or a something every day.

Let me tell you….76 written entries of my thoughts/thoughtlessness is a LOT of time, creative energy, etc.

I’m a bit running out of ideas….haha oh well. streams of consciousness can be counted as entertaining..?! lets hope.

But looking back and rereading these entries…I realize that its actually a pretty neat thing to be writing something each day. In the 76 days since I’ve started, there are already things that I don’t remember very clearly on my own, but when I reread about the memory through something I’ve written on here, I get to laugh both as the person who experienced the moment, and as a casual observer. I’m naturally a really forgetful person, so its nice to have a record of things, especially the funny teacher moments.

Writing about the rough times I go through I think is the most therapeutic. And sometimes I’ll get a message from a friend, or even a stranger, saying they resonated with something I said, and that is enough to keep me going for a while.

So despite the million things around the house or for my job or for my own sanity I couldawouldashoulda been doing right now, here is something about today:

It is St. Patrick’s Day. This is the first day in I don’t know how many years that I didn’t go out to the bars or a party and do something fun. Instead, I coached a volleyball game (we won!!) and went to sushi with my family. Haven’t even had a beer, sprained my ankle, or danced a jig or joined a parade, which are things I usually do on this holiday.

I am eight days into my “no sweets” and “no saying the word “amazing”” journey of Lent. Last night I dreamt about eating M & Ms. I could tell you the colors, how I cracked them between my teeth and then sucked on the chocolate part inside and how sweet they tasted and how I poured them into my mouth by the handful…but it was all a dream. i can’t believe I’ve lasted  so long. One of my students felt sorry for me and brought me non fat sugar free chocolate generic pudding today, and it tasted like clouds and rainbows and shooting stars. So heavenly.

we had our last regular season vball game today…we ended up winning 2-1, PTL. I am coaching a junior high girls’ team, and we tend to let our emotions and psyche and “times of the month” (which, oddly, has happened to be an excuse waaaay too often for a sport season that only spans seven weeks) get the better of us. Like so many teams I’ve played on before, my team doesn’t remember what sport we’re playing and how they are supposed to play it until like ten minutes into the first set. By then, the score might be 18-6 and all of a sudden they’re like, “oh wait, lets remember how to pass a ball! Sorry, coach!”

But we won in the end, and that is a lovely, lovely feeling. Last year, their record was 2-8. Now I’m coaching and the record is 7-3. Yay. :)

And I haven’t cried since some time last night. Which is encouraging. Although one of my students almost pushed me over the edge today, as he kept insisting that I looked tired and angry and sad and like something was terribly wrong. Afterwards, we had a long conversation detailing the “many things you can never say to a girl if you ever want to grow up and get a girlfriend,” including “you look tired” “you look angry” and the all-time awful of “are you pregnant?” which, PTL, he didn’t say to me or I would have rolled his head right off.

Since then, he has tried his hardest to apologize and make me laugh. Its working. 

K. I said I had “nothing much to say.” That was over 550 words ago.

Tomorrow I get to wear jeans and a school shirt to work!! yay!!!! highlight of my week is casual Friday. Insert smiley face. Then I’m throwing a bridal shower on Saturday that is stressing and yet not stressing me out…as I could be working on details for it, but instead, I feel a bubble bath calling my name…

Did you read all the way to here? If you did, leave a comment or send me a message, and I will tell you a really good joke.

k night night.