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Bachelor Ben – Episode Four Recap

Bachelor Ben!! We're in Park City, Utah, where its so beautiful, and we get a classic "this would be the perfect place to fall in love." He takes Rachel (great name) on the first one on one. Kacie- I love... Continue Reading →

237: Bachelor Ben – Episode Three Recap

Yaaaaay Monday means more mini-dresses, make-outs, and mindless eye candy with "The Bachelor." While it does show some shady sides of women, at least there are plenty of dresses, hair styles, shoes, jewelry and bikini choices for me to either... Continue Reading →

236: Bachelor Ben – Ep 3 Bingo Game!

Last week I introduced "Bachelor Bingo," with a list of words you can play on your own. I'm posting my pics of my board, and the updated list of words to use for this week. Make your own board, and post... Continue Reading →

232: Bachelor Ben – Episode 2 Recap

Whoa whoa whoa...ABC has thrown the rule book OUT this season. Its episode two, and we're already in Ben's adorable hometown, Sonoma. I've spent time in wine country up there...let me tell you...that many girls with enough wine...this can only... Continue Reading →

How to throw a “Bachelor” Viewing Party

Trashy reality TV is best when watched with friends. Misery loves company. Misery and reality tv go hand in hand, because the human condition of the contestants appears to be quite miserable. Thousands of years from now, our ancestors will... Continue Reading →

132 – Bachelorette Episode Seven…bye bye blondies!

This week's episode had us waiting in suspense after a fourth of july break...I couldn't wait to get back to the juiciness. They traveled to Taiwan and we are left with Ames (my sweet, cow-eyed, dopey lovable Ames), Lucas (30... Continue Reading →

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