ello ello ben!

Last week I introduced “Bachelor Bingo,” with a list of words you can play on your own. I’m posting my pics of my board, and the updated list of words to use for this week. Make your own board, and post it on Facebook or send me a message on twitter and we’ll see who wins!

This updated list came with help from my cohorts Avery and Jamie, who helped me notice some other disturbing/hilarious trends easy to Bingo-fy for this week’s game.

Episode Two's Bingo Card!

Print out a copy of a blank bingo board or make your own, fill in the Free Space with the word “LOVE” and randomly fill in the tiles with these words/images:

  • “amazing”
  • “intense”
  • “journey”
  • “getting to know me/you/learn about myself”
  • “I’m so glad you’re here/I’m here/you came”
  • wearing jewelry with a bikini
  • “BLEEP!”
  • Ben stares into distance, voiceover about feelings
  • “connection”
  • “steal you for a second”
  • “fake”
  • “here for the right reasons/wrong reasons”
  • limo
  • helicopter
  • crying
  • “I love this”
  • short shorts with boots
  • “cheers”
  • making out in hot tub/pool/ocean
  • watching a sunrise or sunset
  • “falling for Ben”
  • “I didn’t think it would be this hard/like this”
  • talking about bad past relationships
  • talking about parents/growing up