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Bachelorette Weeks 2-3 Recapish. Stoooooop.

"I'm pretty sure I touched my first butt to Boyz II Men in the seventh grade." - Eric Simply the most iconic Bachelorette quote of ALL time. We've seen a lot in these last few weeks, spoiled by the excess... Continue Reading →

Preview: Bachelorette Andi

Are you guys excited to meet Andi Assistant District Attorney from Atlanta but want to skip tonight's really boring intro episode and let me do all the research for you? You've come to the right place. Although I couldn't make it... Continue Reading →

El Bachelor – The Sexiest Season *Ever* Episodes 1-3 Recap

Hello, all - It's JUAN-UARY!!!!! I meant to write separate reviews of each "most dramatic episode ever," but I was so overwhelmed with Juan Pablo's accent and abs combo that I am just now recovering enough to type semi-coherent thoughts.... Continue Reading →

SixPackSean: Bachelor Finale Fiesta!

Tonight is the "most dramatic finale EVER" experienced by Bachelor Sean and his washboard abs. Will he choose prankster military brat Lindsey, who talks in baby voice and at 24, is "ready" to settle down and begin breeding with Sean in... Continue Reading →

SixPackSean – Episode Two Recap and Ep 3 Bingo Terms

By the numbers: Kiss Count - 5 Sean Shirtless Count - we don't have numbers that high. First hot tub party First girl sending herself home (hey yoga girl, we're all surprised.) First acknowledgement of "The Bachelor's" history of racial... Continue Reading →

Bachelorette Recap – Or, the season I stopped caring. (283)

Emily is cute as a button, and I get why ABC bent over backwards to move the show to her hometown and try to capitalize on her adorable factor. (Personally, I think she looks like a baby bird muppet soaked... Continue Reading →

236: Bachelor Ben – Ep 3 Bingo Game!

Last week I introduced "Bachelor Bingo," with a list of words you can play on your own. I'm posting my pics of my board, and the updated list of words to use for this week. Make your own board, and post... Continue Reading →

232: Bachelor Ben – Episode 2 Recap

Whoa whoa whoa...ABC has thrown the rule book OUT this season. Its episode two, and we're already in Ben's adorable hometown, Sonoma. I've spent time in wine country up there...let me tell you...that many girls with enough wine...this can only... Continue Reading →

How to throw a “Bachelor” Viewing Party

Trashy reality TV is best when watched with friends. Misery loves company. Misery and reality tv go hand in hand, because the human condition of the contestants appears to be quite miserable. Thousands of years from now, our ancestors will... Continue Reading →

Bachelor Ben – Episode One!!!

Ohhhhh it is BACK! My favorite guilty pleasure. This season looks like the biggest cast of nutjob women ever, and last night's episode was just a brief glimpse into the depths of humanity we will travel with our Beloved Ben. Congrats, ABC! I do... Continue Reading →

114 – Bachelorette – Ep 3 Recap

Mask reveal? Anticlimatic...aaaaaand yeah, you adopted a three-legged dog, but you're creepy and old. Bentley is gone! Haaaaalleluyah! William - what were you thinking?! Flashmob date = awesome slash wow that guy is intense. There is so much to say... Continue Reading →

The Bachelorette – Oh SNAP the Man Candy!!

When every season of ABC's "reality" show The Bachelor ends, I always swear to never watch it again. I usually feel disappointed, manipulated by producers, emotionally drained from the trainwrecks that are these women trying to fall in love in... Continue Reading →

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