seanTonight is the “most dramatic finale EVER” experienced by Bachelor Sean and his washboard abs. Will he choose prankster military brat Lindsey, who talks in baby voice and at 24, is “ready” to settle down and begin breeding with Sean in Dallas? Or will he choose free-spirited vegan blogger and nose-ringed Katherine, whose sisters intimated she might not be ready to mesh her life in Seattle with Sean’s dreams of family?

admit kinda miss her, too.
admit it…you kinda miss her, too.

I’ve enjoyed the montages of shirtless Sean, the unnecessary shower scenes, the Tierraristic ways of the eyebrow raised around the world, the over-the-top dates (in an ice castle? polar bear plunges? cave swimming in Thailand? Remind me why I’m not on this show!!). Sean has stayed surprisingly classy throughout the show…as a Christian who is also saving herself for marriage, I like that he was clear about his intentions for the Fantasy Suite, and that he has been a gentleman with all the women, and I can’t begrudge him for making out in all the romantic situations because…I totally would, too. I appreciate that ABC even gave him a go, considering how “vanilla” this guy seems to be. But he has showed us the adventurous sides, the prankster sides, and the nerdy sides of himself that have made him more than eye candy. He’s been pretty endearing throughout, although heavy on the cheesy one-liners.

So tonight, we celebrate his choice, and the three hour finale we will have to endure in order to witness it. At my house, the champagne will be flowing, the desserts highly present, and the estrogen at record levels. We will have Bingo specifically designed for this episode, and be trying out Pinterest hair and make-up ideas during commercials.

I'm not sure shower scenes are necessary, but....if we must!
I’m not sure shower scenes are necessary, but….if we must!

Throw the Ultimate Bachelor Party with us! Here’s my blog from HuffPo about it, and the updated Bingo Terms for tonight’s episode:

  • Free space for “love”
  • “final rose”
  • “falling in love”
  • “intense”
  • anyone cries
  • Sean’s six pack
  • “journey”
  • “scared of getting hurt”
  • “I didn’t think it would be like this”
  • hot tub scene
  • talk about future life together
  • watch a sunrise or sunset
  • a limo
  • a helicopter
  • crying
  • “family is so important/everything to me”
  • “my future wife”
  • reveal a fear or secret
  • “husband”kissing underwater
  • “come so far”
  • making out in water
  • “I missed you!”
  • Sean offers a toast
  • Chris counsels Sean
  • “Will you marry me?”

Have fun! Good luck! Tweet me your pics :)